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Logo of emlyon business school, which has chosen BCdiploma for all its diplomas, training and alumni

emlyon business school

emlyon business school, the first business school to adopt blockchain certification on a large scale.

“This service is offered to all graduates in the emlyon alumni network, currently more than 18,000 people. It enhances the emlyon business school brand and the school’s leadership position in the areas of student experience and digital innovation.” Visit the emlyon business school web page devoted to the blockchain certification
Logo of Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, which selected BCdiploma through a public invitation to tender

Arts et Métiers Paris Tech

“I recommend to those interested in innovating and in offering their graduates lasting certificates of achievement to trust BCdiploma in the support of their projects.”

Olivier Barata, project director at the CIO of Arts et Métiers ParisTech

Find out more about Arts et Métiers' BCdiploma blockchain project
Logo of IAE Nantes - Université de Nantes, a historic partner of the BCdiploma blockchain stakeholder

Université de Nantes

IAE Nantes - Economie & Management has been certifying its graduation classes with BCdiploma since 2017, and it makes the digital credentials available on its AlumnForce alumni platform.

“A 20% increase in visits to the alumni platform! So nothing could be more logical, to continue to forge links with our alumni, than offering them an authentication service for their diplomas, which capitalizes on the advantages offered by the blockchain. We are hugely grateful for the partnership with BCdiploma, they have been very attentive.” Find out more about the AlumnForce & BCdiploma partnership
Logo of Hoa Sen University, which has chosen BCdiploma and profited from the AUF and BCdiploma program

Hoa Sen University

Hoa Sen University (HSU), a flagship university in Vietnam, enjoyed the benefits of the AUF & BCdiploma program before embarking on the large-scale issuance of blockchain digital credentials.

“By adopting the blockchain technology, we simplify the use of diploma certificates for graduates and employers. Fake diplomas are no longer a problem.” Find out more about the IFIC-AUF & BCdiploma partnership
Logo of eCampusOntario, which is rolling out a project in more than twenty universities with BCdiploma


The universities and colleges in Ontario (Canada) have chosen BCdiploma for their micro-certifications project connecting professionals and academics. This is an opportunity for them to use the first 100% blockchain Open Badge designed by BCdiploma.

“A flexible and trusted system of recognition is essential for professionals and employers, who are increasingly moving towards skill- or aptitude-based recruitment. Micro-certificates differ from traditional qualifications, such as degrees and diplomas, and contribute particular value and relevance in the world of work.” Find out more about micro-certifications
Logo of AFNOR, which has chosen BCdiploma to make ISO certifications paperless

Afnor Certification

AFNOR Certification is the benchmark player in France and internationally for certifications. Since the end of 2019, certified ICA auditors have received their certificates on the blockchain.

AFNOR Certification has integrated BCdiploma into its in-house tools through API: a considerable timesaving for the teams.

Logo of IFOCOP, which has chosen BCdiploma to optimize its certificate management processes


IFOCOP is a professional training body created in 1969 by the Ministry for SMEs to boost the employability of employees and job-seekers. Specializing in the tertiary sector, every year the body trains more than 3,000 people, including 1,800 job-seekers.

Since March 2020, 100% of diplomas and certifications have been awarded via BCdiploma: a successful dematerialization project!

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Institutions using BCdiploma

Blockchain in Education: MBS dematerializes academic credentials with the blockchain

Blockchain in Education: MBS dematerializes academic credentials with the blockchain

Montpellier Business School (MBS) makes the delivery of diplomas paperless thanks to the blockchain credentials. A good example of the use case of « digital credentials ». Montpellier Business School (MBS) now provides a digital, certified and secure diploma to all its graduates.  « Following the graduation ceremony, the graduates receive a unique link, valid for …

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Digital credentials: 5 reasons why the blockchain is a great success with students

Digital credentials: 5 reasons why the blockchain is a great success with students

What are the « digital credentials »? The « Digital credentials » are 100% digital, tamper-proof and verifiable certificates. They are generally issued by an institution: diplomas, skills or transcripts for the training and education sector for example. The blockchain allows to secure, authenticate and store these documents. Students thus have a lifetime supply of …

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Digital credentials, badges & certificates: how to choose the right credentialing platform?

Digital credentials, badges & certificates: how to choose the right credentialing platform?

Are you interested in dematerializing your processes and issuing certified and 100% digital certificates for your academic documents (diplomas, transcripts, skills, badges, etc.)?

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