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Forgery-proof, verifiable and 100% digital certificates: more than 100 institutions in 15 countries trust in us to issue their diplomas, certificates, badges and micro-certifications

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Become the leader of the
student experience

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Enhance your brand image with your students and partners. BCdiploma digital credentials are tailor-made and will become real vehicles of communication for you.

Boost your students'
chances of employment

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Your students are a simple click away from asserting the authenticity of their success: An endorsement that will last throughout their professional life.

your alumni network

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Make your alumni platforms more attractive: +20% more traffic recorded from the moment the BCdiploma digital credentials are made available on the AlumnForce platform.

your processes

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Automate the issuance, dispatch, and management of your digital credentials. BCdiploma will gain you precious time, both immediately and in the long term..

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More reliable

Storage on the blockchain makes it impossible to falsify your digital credentials.

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More efficient

Students have lifelong access to online credentials, which can be shared in all formats. This signals the end of untimely requests for verification or duplicates.

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More trustworthy

The validity of documents is guaranteed and verifiable. In addition, BCdiploma adheres to the international W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model standard.

Blockchain is the new standard for issuing digital credentials

Digital credentials are digital certificates issued by an institution: diplomas, skills, transcripts, degree certifications, etc.

A blockchain is a decentralized and forgery-proof database that makes it possible to secure and store these documents. Students thus have a lifelong supply of online credentials with probative value.

Find out about blockchain digital credentials with us

BCdiploma, the best of the blockchain for your digital credentials

Conventional credentialing platforms secure their centralized database by storing signatures or timestamps on a blockchain.

In contrast, the blockchain technology at the core of BCdiploma guarantees decentralized and direct access to your certified data.

Visual symbolizing the durability of data stored with BCdiploma on a blockchain
Built to last

The data are stored directly on the blockchain, where they are secured and made accessible forever. The digital credentials are guaranteed to be accessible, whether or not there is agreement with the publisher. Welcome to the blockchain era.

Visual showing the R&D carried out by BCdiploma for its blockchain protocol
At the cutting edge of research

The international BCdiploma-EvidenZ patent presents a unique one-click access method to certified data. BCdiploma adheres to the most stringent data protection regulations.

Visual representing the open-source vision of the BCdiploma ecosystem
Compatible with open-source standards

BCdiploma adapts to any standard for consultation or sharing: W3C Verifiable Credentials, Open Badges, Digital Credentials Consortium, EDCI, EBSI, etc.

What is an Open Badge?

What is an Open Badge?

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5 innovations to accelerate the digital transformation in higher education

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3 reasons why Efrei Paris has chosen the blockchain to issue its digital credentials

3 reasons why Efrei Paris has chosen the blockchain to issue its digital credentials

Quite simply, Efrei Paris is: the 1st private engineering school in digital, computer science and mathematics – Le Figaro Étudiant de 2021; The #1 ranked private IT engineering school in the Paris region for its close relationship with companies – L’Etudiant 2021; the post-secondary engineering school with the best image among companies – Kantar TNS …