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Our patented technology ensures 1-click verification & lifelong credential authenticity without collecting learner data

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Maximum security, maximum simplicity

Thanks to its real-time blockchain verification technology, BCdiploma Digital Credentials are tamper-proof and instantly verifiable.


Customization and bespoke design

BCdiploma is the only Digital Credentials platform offering complete customization: content, multi-device web design, multilingual support...

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Instant verification, available for life

An easy way to access certified information during recruitment or a LinkedIn profile check makes all the difference. Offer your learners this advantage for life with BCdiploma.

When decentralization builds trust and ensures longevity
Available for life

Designed for one-click sharing

Your white-label certificates and diplomas become marketing assets that you can share instantly on social networks and LinkedIn profiles.

Providing TOEIC® Test Score Reports to all stakeholders of ETS Global is an obvious choice. We are delighted to work with BCdiploma, a major player in this field.Miguel Membrado - Chief Digital & Information Officer, ETS Global B.V.

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Higher education

Higher Education

The expertise of our project team enables us to support and fine-tune your certificates on a tailor-made basis.

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Training organization

Training Organizations

Micro-credentials and professional recognition for your training programs: our dedicated tools adapt to your processes.

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Certification organizations

Certification Organizations

Our capacity to deliver tailor-made projects will enable you to modernize and secure your certification emission processes.

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Enhance your brand image

BCdiploma offers full white-label integration: publish your certificates on your own web domain and promote your brand across networks.

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Facilitate learner mobility

All digital certificates can be issued in a multilingual format, without language limitations. A valuable asset for your learners.

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Anticipate trends and usage with analytics

With your own analytical tracking tools (Google Analytics, Matomo...), you can track the sharing of your certificates on networks. Keep control of your data while managing your online impact.

Seamless integration with your IS

BCdiploma's powerful API enables full automation of flows from your own tools.

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Acccessibility compliance

At the forefront of accessibility

Accessible to all, all the time. With our certified WCAG, AODA, and EN 301 549 certificates, become a leader in digital inclusion.

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Step into the Web3 era

What if your certificates became Web3 NFT Credentials, providing immediate and long-term access to your continuing education offerings and alumni spaces?

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Web3 dimension
  • Digital credentials are a digital version of important paper documents, such an identity card, diploma, certificate, and so on. Rather than merely a digitized or scanned version of these physical documents, a credential is created ad hoc in a digitized format intended specifically for online use. Unlike a photocopy of a passport, which has less value than the passport itself, and may be refused by various institutions, a Digital Credential of a passport has exactly the same value as the physical passport, making it possible to reliably prove one's identity.

    Digital credentials are issued by authorized entities, whose authoritative status guarantees their authentic origin. Ministries, banking institutions and universities are all entities that may issue Digital Credentials.

  • A blockchain is a decentralized database for storing data or digital documents, while guaranteeing their inviolability and durability. The storage of Digital Credentials on a blockchain allows access to them anywhere and at any time, without any constraints.

    The holders of digital diplomas recorded on the blockchain can share their Digital Credentials with any entity using a simple URL link. These entities, whether universities, companies, state institutions or other bodies, have the assurance that submitted Digital Credentials are completely authentic, since nothing stored on a blockchain can be altered. With the use of blockchain technology, trust is guaranteed ! As long as the issuer of the Digital Credentials is recognized as reliable, the veracity of the documents stored on the blockchain cannot be questioned, nor can the word of the holder of the credentials.

  • Adopting the BCdiploma Digital Credentials solution means taking a quantum leap forward and benefiting from accelerated administrative processes relating to the issue, delivery and storage of important documents. Delivering, a digital diploma to a student, for example, can be done in a click, and the resulting Digital Credential cannot be lost or counterfeited. Requests for copies are no longer necessary, freeing up the administrative services of universities and saving valuable time for students.

    A university that opts for Digital Credentials strengthens and maintains the bond it has with its graduates, and proves that it knows how to be innovative. Students can share their diplomas and micro-credentials with employers or other universities quickly and reliably. BCdiploma certificates can even be shared on social networks.

    Finally, BCdiploma's Digital Credentials are secure and authenticated using patented blockchain technology, which scrupulously adheres to data protection regulations.