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Provide your students with secure, personalized, and portable digital credentials using blockchain technology. TOEIC and over 170 institutions across 21 countries already trust us.

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Become the leader of the
student experience

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Enhance your brand image with your students and partners. BCdiploma digital credentials are tailor-made and will become real vehicles of communication for you.

Boost your students'
chances of employment

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Your students are a simple click away from asserting the authenticity of their success : an endorsement that will last throughout their professional life.

your alumni network

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Discover powerful tools to increase engagement within your community: communicate, notify, and invite your alumni through NFT-format diplomas.

your processes

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Streamline your digital credentials issuance, dispatch, and management. BCdiploma will gain you precious time, both immediately and in the long term.

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More reliable

Storage on the blockchain makes it impossible to falsify your digital credentials.

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More efficient

Students have lifelong access to online credentials, which can be shared in all formats. This signals the end of untimely requests for verification or duplicates.

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More trustworthy

The validity of documents is guaranteed and verifiable. In addition, BCdiploma adheres to the international W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model standard.

Blockchain is the new standard for issuing digital credentials

Digital credentials are digital certificates issued by an institution: diplomas, skills, transcripts, degree certifications, etc.

A blockchain is a decentralized and forgery-proof database that makes it possible to secure and store these documents. Students thus have a lifelong supply of online credentials with probative value.

Discover our portfolio of Blockchain Digital Credentials

BCdiploma, the best of the blockchain for your digital credentials

Conventional credentialing platforms secure their centralized database by storing signatures or timestamps on a blockchain. Discover our case study
with a top-tier US university

In contrast, the blockchain technology at the core of BCdiploma guarantees decentralized and direct access to your certified data.

Visual symbolizing the durability of data stored with BCdiploma on a blockchain
Built to last

The data are stored directly on the blockchain, where they are secured and made accessible forever. The digital credentials are guaranteed to be accessible, whether or not there is agreement with the publisher. Welcome to the blockchain era.

Visual showing the R&D carried out by BCdiploma for its blockchain protocol
At the cutting edge of research

The international BCdiploma-EvidenZ patent presents a unique one-click access method to certified data. BCdiploma adheres to the most stringent data protection regulations.

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Compatible with open-source standards

BCdiploma adapts to any standard for consultation or sharing: W3C Verifiable Credentials, Open Badges, Digital Credentials Consortium, EDCI, EBSI, etc.

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BCdiploma for Higher Education

Our goal: to help you digitize your academic documents to save time and improve the employability and mobility of your students.

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Our expertise: academic credentials online, certified, tamper-proof, with a personalized design and a customized data model. Ideal for your diplomas for example.

Our services cover all your document types, from micro-certifications to diplomas to e-portfolios of skills badges.

Our know-how is based on hundreds of successful deployments with institutions, universities and school groups of all sizes on 4 continents.

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BCdiploma for Training Organizations

Our goal: to help you increase the satisfaction of your learners by dematerializing your training certificates and professional certifications, and by automating your processes.

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Our expertise: training certificates online, certified, tamper-proof, with a personalized design and a customized data model.

Our services cover all your types of credentials, from skills to certifying titles, including badges or micro-certifications for short-term training.

Our know-how is based on three years of experience with French, Swiss and Canadian training organizations such as Toronto Finance International, eCampus Ontario or VisionCompliance.

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BCdiploma for companies that issue certifications

Our goal: to help you to digitize your flows of issuing and sending certificates to automate and secure your production, while promoting your brand on social and professional networks.

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Our expertise: customization... to put certificates that are completely personalized, integrated into your information system and of course certified and tamper-proof online.

Our services cover all your existing document models, regardless of their language or format: feel free to contact us to talk about it!

Our knowledge allows ETS Global to deliver a paperless, certified version of the TOEIC(r) Score Report to its candidates worldwide.

ETS Global chose the blockchain for the TOEIC® score report

ETS Global chose the blockchain for the TOEIC® score report

In order ETS Global, the TOEIC English test provider, now offers applicants the option of receiving their score via a paperless score report.

What are digital credentials? Examples and definitions

What are digital credentials?

“What would an academic degree look like if it were designed today? Or a professional certificate? Or a certificate for an online course? As the question of trusted

Pathway: Micro learning skills made easy for employers

Pathway: Micro learning skills made easy for employers

BCdiploma Pathway: an exciting feature that enables users to access their final certificate and micro credentials in a single place. Why and how ?...

  • Digital credentials are a digital version of important paper documents, such an identity card, diploma, certificate, and so on. Rather than merely a digitized or scanned version of these physical documents, a credential is created ad hoc in a digitized format intended specifically for online use. Unlike a photocopy of a passport, which has less value than the passport itself, and may be refused by various institutions, a digital credential of a passport has exactly the same value as the physical passport, making it possible to reliably prove one's identity.

    Digital credentials are issued by authorized entities, whose authoritative status guarantees their authentic origin. Ministries, banking institutions and universities are all entities that may issue digital credentials.

  • Adopting the BCdiploma digital credentials solution means taking a quantum leap forward and benefiting from accelerated administrative processes relating to the issue, delivery and storage of important documents. Delivering, a digital diploma to a student, for example, can be done in a click, and the resulting digital credential cannot be lost or counterfeited. Requests for copies are no longer necessary, freeing up the administrative services of universities and saving valuable time for students.

    A university that opts for digital credentials strengthens and maintains the bond it has with its graduates, and proves that it knows how to be innovative. Students can share their diplomas and micro-certifications with employers or other universities quickly and reliably. BCdiploma certificates can even be shared on social networks.

    Finally, BCdiploma's digital credentials are secure and authenticated using patented blockchain technology, which scrupulously adheres to data protection regulations.

  • A blockchain is a decentralized database for storing data or digital documents, while guaranteeing their inviolability and durability. The storage of digital credentials on a blockchain allows access to them anywhere and at any time, without any constraints.

    The holders of digital diplomas recorded on the blockchain can share their digital credentials with any entity using a simple URL link. These entities, whether universities, companies, state institutions or other bodies, have the assurance that submitted digital credentials are completely authentic, since nothing stored on a blockchain can be altered. With the use of blockchain technology, trust is guaranteed ! As long as the issuer of the digital credentials is recognized as reliable, the veracity of the documents stored on the blockchain cannot be questioned, nor can the word of the holder of the credentials.