How BCdiploma enabled IPAG Business School to ensure the authenticity of its diploma certificates and enhance the professional credibility of its alumni

  • ¾ of graduates use the digital diploma certificate
  • Significant improvement in graduate satisfaction
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The School

IPAG Business School, a nonprofit under the 1901 law, founded in 1965, has maintained its independence for over half a century. With more than 3000 students, it educates responsible, open, and committed managers through various programs aimed at the professions of the future.

With a network of over 14,000 Alumni worldwide, IPAG places their employability and the guarantee of authenticity of issued diplomas at the heart of its strategy.

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Three challenges led IPAG to reflect on the added value of digital diploma certificates.

Facing an increase in diploma forgery, the school needed to find a solution to guarantee the authenticity of the official documents issued.

Indeed, how to ensure the authenticity of a document in PDF or paper format? A challenge that is both legal and technological.

In a highly competitive job market, simplifying the transmission of a certificate or diploma to an employer has become a priority for IPAG, thus allowing its Alumni to be among the most competitive by facilitating their employability.

Finally, in an ever-evolving environment, IPAG had to maintain its ability to deliver services equipped with the latest technologies.

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Adopted by IPAG Business School since 2023, BCdiploma's offering ensures optimal security thanks to blockchain technology and ease of use for graduates and recruiters.Olivier MAILLARD – General Manager, IPAG Group
The digital diploma certificate by BCdiploma is an excellent initiative. In one click, it is easy to add your diploma certificate to LinkedIn, which is a real added value for this professional social network. Moreover, it is simple to send the link to attest to your diploma. Finally, the use of blockchain guarantees the longevity of the diploma and prevents its falsification.Cléo PASQUIER – Alumni, Grande Ecole Programme - Class of 2022

of graduates use the digital diploma certificate.

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IPAG chose a partner capable of meeting the three challenges encountered.

Innovative, the school contracts with BCdiploma and its cutting-edge blockchain technology. It can thus offer its graduates an unfalsifiable, durable, and 100% secure digital diploma certificate service.

Thanks to this new service, the employability of Alumni is enhanced. In one click, it is now possible for them to share official documents issued by the school. A modern and efficient approach to support graduates towards success.

The quality of the support and the ease of use of the tool have been key success factors in the conduct of this project, deployed for all the school's programs.

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