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Add value to short training courses, executive training, and skills by putting micro-certifications at the core of your educational vision

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What is a micro-certification?

Once a learner has demonstrated mastery of the specific skill or topic studied, he/she receives a micro-certification, displayed as a badge. Then, he/she can list it on his/her resume or LinkedIn profile or share it directly with his/her network.

Micro-credentials are a tool to enhance the continuous learning experience and to encourage the acquisition of skills along the path to graduation.

Visual representing a digital badge produced with BCdiploma blockchain technology
Micro-credentials & Open Badges

With BCdiploma, you have a full range of secure certificates and digital badges devoted to micro-certification. Breaking down your diploma programs into micro-credits has never been easier.

Visual representing a diploma enhanced with micro-certifications, all produced using BCdiploma
Add value to your training offer

Automate the issuance of micro-certifications describing each diploma. With this innovative add-on to the diploma, you are boosting your graduates’ chances of employment.

BCdiploma, a turnkey platform for your micro-certifications

With BCdiploma, you have complete autonomy to create your micro-certifications and Open Badges. Add your logos, choose the multilingual option, and enhance the micro-credits with external links: just a few clicks will suffice.

Would you like to see for yourself?
Visual representing a multilingual and multi-device blockchain open badges micro-certification

BCdiploma creates the first 100% blockchain Open Badge for forgery-proof, durable micro-certifications

The Open Badges format is optimized for sharing and for skills recognition. With the 100% blockchain Open Badge by BCdiploma, you have the optimum level of certification for professional use of micro-credentials.

Open Badges, a dynamic open-source ecosystem

Created in 2011 by the MacArthur and Mozilla foundations, Open Badges constitute a standardized system of digital badges, initially created to recognize informal skills, or so-called soft skills.

Today they are acclaimed by numerous players in the academic field.

Visual representing a teaching institution using the BCdiploma blockchain solution
Adopted by universities

"The challenge is a decisive one for the employability of students, which is no longer based solely on the academic knowledge acquired through graduation and assessment by grades, and which then reflects on the attractiveness of the universities."

Visual representing the academic cap of a student, the end user of the BCdiploma solution
Adopted by students

Each student can create, free of charge, their own portfolio or backpack to keep and share their badges. The format is also recognized by LinkedIn.

Tutorial: How to use a digital Open Badge?

Tutorial: How to use a digital Open Badge?

Certifications, online courses, MOOCs, etc. Over the years, many skills development opportunities have emerged. Digital training tools, which are easy to access and often free, are an excellent solution for lifelong and post-training learning. One such tool is the Open Badge, which as its name suggests, is a form of digital credential that is “open” …

Education and digital: what will teaching look like in 10 years?

Education and digital: what will teaching look like in 10 years?

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What will change with Open Badges?

What will change with Open Badges?

Teleworking, videoconferencing courses and remote learning all have become a major part of our daily lives. All aspects of society have had to adapt and many believe these changes are here to stay. Allowing for more flexibility and less commuting, these new habits have been quickly adopted by workers and learners all around the world. …