Micro-credentials at the core of your strategy

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Add value to short training courses, executive training, and skills by putting micro-credentials at the core of your educational vision

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What is a micro-credential?

Once a learner has demonstrated mastery of the specific skill or topic studied, he/she receives a micro-credential, displayed as a badge. Then, he/she can list it on his/her resume or LinkedIn profile or share it directly with his/her network.

Micro-credentials are a tool to enhance the continuous learning experience and to encourage the acquisition of skills along the path to graduation.

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Visual representing a digital badge produced with BCdiploma blockchain technology
Micro-credentials & Badges

With BCdiploma, you have a full range of secure certificates and digital badges devoted to micro-credential. Breaking down your diploma programs into micro-credits has never been easier.

Visual representing a diploma enhanced with micro-certifications, all produced using BCdiploma
Add value to your training offer

Automate the issuance of micro-credentials describing each diploma. With this innovative add-on to the diploma, you are boosting your graduates' chances of employment.

BCdiploma, a turnkey platform for your micro-credentials

With BCdiploma, you have complete autonomy to create your micro-credentials and Open Badges. Add your logos, choose the multilingual option, and enhance the micro-credits with external links: just a few clicks will suffice.

Visual representing a multilingual and multi-device blockchain open badges micro-certification

BCdiploma creates the first 100% blockchain-based micro-certification service certified by 1Edtech

BCdiploma's micro-certifications are designed for professional use as a white-label service. They are multilingual, secure, and durable, addressing all the challenges of lifelong learning and the valorization of acquired skills.

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Highlight the journey of your learners

An exclusive feature of BCdiploma. Showcase all the micro-certifications obtained throughout a learning journey. Professional skills, soft skills or successful experiences are added to the diploma... for better employability of your learners!

Visual representing the micro-certifications of the Pathway functionality
  • A micro-certification is digital proof of a person's expertise or experience in a specific area, issued by a certain institution. Covering a narrower field of training or education, and requiring less time than traditional certification or a diploma, micro-credentials validate the acquisition of specific skills. They can be a one-time course, but with high added value, allowing the individual holding the digital certification to prove attendance and validation of the training course. They can also be “skills blocks”, as constituent elements of a national professional qualification or supplementary qualification.

    Also known as “micro-credentials”, micro-certifications are digital credentials that can take the form of digital badges awarded to an individual. These badges can then be used to stand out from the competition in the labor market. The digital format of micro-certifications allows them to be easily shared online on recruitment platforms and social networks. Their tamper-proof nature, due to their recording on a blockchain, provides an absolute guarantee of authenticity.

  • Micro-certifications are useful in all situations where an individual has to prove possession of certain skills. Therefore, it is convenient particularly for online training platforms, universities and large companies to both issue micro-credentials and to request them from attendees, students and employees. However, micro-certifications are not only reserved for students and job seekers. They can complement a university course or professional training, allowing people to acquire skills at any time, with a view to continuing education throughout life.

    Both training and recruitment often party take place online, if not entirely. Micro-credentials are, therefore, an excellent way to quickly provide reliable information on an individual's skills, knowledge and experience.

  • For universities, awarding a diploma in the form of blockchain-assured micro-credentials or skills blocks guarantees that the diploma is unalterable. They are also endowed with renewed prestige by adopting innovative technology that gives them a certain visibility.

    Students can integrate the micro-certifications they have obtained into their CVs or resumes, adding additional skills to their existing training and increasing their competitiveness. At a time when more and more recruiters are more interested in the actual skills of candidates, rather than their courses, being able to match, in your resume, certain micro-credentials with the skills listed in coveted job descriptions brings a clear advantage. Demonstrating mastery of a particular software, soft-skill or specific expertise thus becomes far easier for job seekers

    A recruiter can verify, with more certainty, the skills put forward by a candidate, and, therefore, more precisely select the right profile by reviewing targeted skills considered necessary for filling the position.

    As the labor market becomes increasingly competitive and specialized, acquiring specialist skills makes it possible for a job-seeker to better match certain job offers, and thus improve their chances of being hired.

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  • Created in 2011 by the MacArthur and Mozilla foundations, Open Badges constitute a standardized system of digital badges, originally designed to recognize informal, or so-called soft skills. Open Badges are now adopted by universities and students.

    They are highly acclaimed by many academic players: “The issue is crucial for the employability of students, which no longer relies solely on academic knowledge recognized by obtaining a diploma and evaluation by grades, and which subsequently reflects on the attractiveness of universities.“

    Furthermore, every student can create their portfolio or backpack for free to keep and share their badges. The format is also recognized by LinkedIn.