BCdiploma Enhances Student Service to EDHEC Graduates with Rapid Issuance of Secure Diploma Certificates

  • 8,000 certificates issued annually
  • Automated issuance of certificates to help students in their recruitment or continuing study processes
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The Organization

Founded in 1906, EDHEC Business School stands out today as an internationally-renowned higher education institution featuring among the top 10 management schools in Europe.

Based in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore, and counting partnerships with 280 leading universities around the world and over 55,000 alumni in 127 countries, EDHEC trains committed managers capable of dealing with the challenges of a fast-evolving world.


Once the jury's approval is received, the EDHEC Registrar team embarks on the arduous journey of preparing traditional paper diplomas. This process spans several months, marred by several mandatory steps, culminating in the diploma sending. However, this period is fraught with challenges.

Firstly, newly graduated students, eager to embark on their professional journeys, find themselves in dire need of presenting their diplomas to potential employers or university. This forces EDHEC teams to hurriedly issue proof of diploma, on demand.

Moreover, the manual handling of student data is prone to inaccuracies, often going unnoticed until the diploma handover. Such errors add complexity, costs and delay to the process.

Lastly, the influx of requests from recruiters and employers seeking diploma verification, coupled with alumni requests for the re-issuance of lost diplomas or other academic documents, imposes an additional workload on both the front office and the Registrar team.

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The Results

The implementation of BCdiploma has brought numerous benefits to EDHEC. Firstly, it has significantly reduced the time spent on producing academic documents, including attestations and paper diplomas, easing the pressure on issuing new diplomas.

Secondly, BCdiploma has enhanced the quality of service and deliverables. The automatic sending of attestations with a link minimizes manual errors and allows graduates to report any discrepancies. This feedback guarantees the absolute quality of the data printed on the diploma.

Finally, there has been a decrease in the time spent handling requests for diploma verification. This reduction is expected to grow as certificates become increasingly available to future graduates.

In essence, BCdiploma not only enhanced services provided to the students but also improved data accuracy and reduced the administrative burden, leading to a more efficient and error-free diploma management system.

Transform Your Credentialing Process
BCdiploma has enhanced our graduate services by swiftly delivering secure diploma certificates, ensuring graduates receive immediate recognition while awaiting their official paper diplomas. Through rigorous data verification, we eliminate the need for diploma reissues, setting a new standard in educational excellence.Stéphanie Delabarre, HUB Director & Registrar