How BCdiploma helped Pigier and the whole Eduservices Group, to save 200 000€ and streamline their credentialing process across the whole group

  • 70,000+ certificate issued (across c. 100 templates)
  • 10 schools equipped with BCdiploma
  • 200 000€ saved since implementation
  • 98% time saved in credentialing management and issuance
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The Organization

Eduservices, founded in 2010 by a group of education entrepreneurs, is a French leader in private higher education through apprenticeships. Operating under 30 school brands across 42 cities, the family-owned group offers an innovative educational curriculum ranging from baccalaureate to five years post-baccalaureate. Its distinctive educational approach is based on disruptive and committed principles.

Founded in 1850, Pigier is part of Eduservices and trains its students for careers in business, human resources and management. The school network is made up of 30 campuses and 12,800 students.


Before the implementation of BCdiploma, the Eduservices group, which includes Pigier among its 30 schools, lacked standardized processes and tools for managing certifications and diplomas. Specifically, at Ecole Pigier, the national management of certificates and diplomas was handled by Agnès Brunel, the Educational Engineering Project Manager.

Agnès was responsible for building the architecture for evaluating certified titles using Microsoft Access. From these databases, she managed the editing of parchments and diplomas. The printing of these documents was carried out by Agnès, who then sent them via registered mail to Pigier’s 30 different campuses.

This process was not only time-consuming, requiring about twenty working days, but also costly, averaging around €7.50 per diploma issued. Furthermore, the manual nature of this process was prone to errors. In instances of errors affecting a student's diploma, the student had to send back their diploma and transcript via registered mail for destruction (to prevent counterfeiting), after which the school would reissue and mail a new printed diploma.

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Exam and certificate management has now become a collaborative effort across our group. Thanks to BCdiploma, we've reduced the entire process from file extraction to sending and preparing documents to just half a day—down from over twenty days.
It's incredibly simpler!
Agnès Brunel, Educational Engineering Project Manager (Pigier)

time saved in credentialing management and issuance

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The implementation of BCdiploma has been game-changing and facilitated several significant improvements across Eduservices and its member schools, including Pigier.

BCdiploma enabled the harmonization of processes within the Eduservices group, allowing for better cost control and planning. Databases are now imported into BCdiploma with just three clicks. BCdiploma then generates all necessary diplomas, transcripts, and other documents in seconds before electronically sending them to the appropriate institutions and campuses.

This process, which previously took over twenty days, is now completed in just half a day, achieving a 98% reduction in time spent.

Additionally, the savings on preparing and sending diplomas via registered mail to campuses and schools are estimated at about €3 per diploma, representing a cost reduction of 40% compared to the old process. This has resulted in total savings of approximately €200,000 for the Eduservices group.

Beyond the savings, Eduservices has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students.

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