How BCdiploma Helped Promotrans Streamline Certification Processes and Ensure Trust and Integrity Amid Rising Fraud

  • 56,000 people certified and trained annually
  • 5.6M hours of training provided annually
  • 35 training centers throughout France
Use-case Promotrans
Promotrans Group

The organization

Promotrans is a leading educational group in France, providing vocational training in the areas of Logistics, transport, Supply Chain and heavy truck mechanics for key industries (aeronautics, drug industry, retail etc.). With 35 training centers throughout France.

Promotrans is dedicated to offering comprehensive education that combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Each year, the group trains 56,000 learners, focusing on innovation and quality education to prepare the next generation of professionals in the transportation and logistics industries.


For several of its qualifications, including the "Responsable d’Exploitation Transport de Marchandises" (RETM), Promotrans managed and issued certifications manually using Excel files. These files were accessed by multiple people within the department, leading to frequent issues with versioning and data synchronization, which in turn caused regular errors.

Once verified, the Excel spreadsheets were sent to a printer, who would check them and send back a proof (“bon à tirer”, or BAT) to the Promotrans teams. After approval of the proofs, the final parchments were printed and sent to the schools and training centers for distribution directly to students or through mail.

Besides, Promotrans observed an increase in the number of falsified parchments. This led to a growing number of verification requests from the regional directorates for the environment, planning, and housing (DREAL).

This process was cumbersome, filled with back-and-forths, prone to manual errors, and faced significant issues with document forgery.

Promotrans Credential Mobile
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We were encountering numerous instances of counterfeit parchments and an increasing number of requests from public authorities for certification verification. BCdiploma provides us with a guarantee of security and verification, not to mention the significant time saved on the issuance and distribution of parchments.Sabine Kanoute, Head of Certification Engineering and Higher Education at Promotrans Group
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With the implementation of BCdiploma, the management of the RETM certificates has been streamlined into a single reference Excel file, which is then uploaded to BCdiploma in just two clicks for the issuance of parchments and their electronic distribution to schools and training centers. These centers ensure the parchments are handed over to the learners.

This has brought an unprecedented level of security and traceability, eliminating the loss of documents or manual errors that historically plagued the process with numerous back-and-forths and postal deliveries to training centers. Additionally, this streamlined process has significantly saved time for the Promotrans teams, enhancing operational efficiency.

Furthermore, with Promotrans certificates now digitized, secured, and verifiable through BCdiploma's technology, the number of incoming requests from the regional directorates (DREAL) for certification verification has dropped to zero. The digital diplomas have enhanced trust and integrity in the process and ensured proper possession of qualifications by learners.

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