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Diplomas, certifications, transcripts or skills, BCdiploma lets you customize the content and the design of all your academic documents

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A platform that meets all your management requirements

Our clients are unanimous in their praise: familiarity with BCdiploma is immediate and within the reach of all business users. “BCdiploma's fluid interfaces, technology and their integration with the most frequently-used digital platforms on the market are more than enough to satisfy our needs.” Dr. Saman Sarbazvatan, Ponts Business School.

Launch mass publishing campaigns, share them via email, manage your history and your users with a simple powerful Web application.

A digital credential designed to
be shared

BCdiploma digital credentials can be shared an unlimited number of times in all formats: social and professional networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), CV, PDF, QR Code, or simply email.

They integrate seamlessly into your student’s LinkedIn profiles to give them maximum visibility and opportunities.

Visual of a BCdiploma blockchain certificate integrated into LinkedIn
Visual of a multilingual and multidevice BCdiploma blockchain certificate

A multilingual digital credential

to promote the international mobility of your graduates.

Visual of the powerful and complete BCdiploma API for integrations

A powerful API
to automate your processes

The BCdiploma solution's features can be accessed via secure, documented REST API , with no limit on use and no extra charge.

Using them will allow you to automate your paperless process from end to end, for perfect integration in your information system and your usual tools.

Digital credentials that can be integrated
into your own website

You can easily integrate your BCdiploma digital credentials into your institutional website and issue blockchain links from your domain name.

This heightens your visibility with recruiters and with your partners.

Visual of the BCdiploma application integrated directly into your website
Visual representing the power of BCdiploma for your marketing and your brand

email campaigns

BCdiploma offers you, at no extra charge, an emailing tool to deliver the digital credentials to your students.

Boost your communication’s impact: use your institutional email addresses on the platform and customize the design and the content of the emails.

Stay ahead of trends and usages with analytics

You can activate analytical and statistical tracking tools to monitor the use of the solution and of your digital credentials.

Track the usage, the trends and your most popular programs, and fine-tune the way your training offer is run.

Visual representing the power of analytics tools to manage your offer of training with BCdiploma
  • BCdiploma provides universities and companies with a turnkey platform to digitize their diplomas, certifications, and more. The easy-to-use interface and personalized support guarantees the success of deployments of the solution.

    The goal is for the university or company to issue its own digital credentials quickly, efficiently and in an automated way. BCdiploma makes it possible to carry out complete digital transformation projects, by dematerializing documents and processes, and, if necessary, by interfacing with existing tools. With the support of BCdiploma, entities are then able to easily issue “blockchain digital credentials” with secure URL links that provide access to diplomas, certifications, and other such digital certificates.

    Digital credentials, once registered and certified on the blockchain, can be shared via social networks, or any other manner of online communication. To use them, all you need is to be able to send and open a URL link !

  • The growing problem of counterfeit diplomas is damaging for both academic institutions and recruiters. Their reputation is in danger of being tarnished for a reason that can now be avoided. Diplomas certified with blockchain technology fully mitigate this risk! Such technology, in addition to modernizing the image of the institutions that use it, guarantees security, durability and ease of sharing of diplomas and certificates.

    Opting for a digital credentials service saves time for both the administration of the institution and the people who rely on its efficiency. The transition to digital documents, in addition to being a guarantee of reliability, eliminates the need for replacement copies and other problems relating to the loss of physical diplomas.

    By opting to use a digital credentials service, a university can simplify a whole range of procedures for its students. They can have access to their digital diplomas on their computers as well as their phones, and can quickly submit them to recruiters, who, in turn, can instantly verify the authenticity of the document stored and certified on the blockchain.

    • The use of the digital credentials system offered by BCdiploma allows, above all, the digitization of academic and professional qualifications, diplomas and certifications. This digital format, which may also complement a physical version, is immediately accessible after obtaining the qualification, in addition to being tamper-proof, easy to keep, and share ;
    • An increasingly common addition to digital degrees is micro-certification. This other kind of digital credential offers digital proof certifying that an individual has acquired a specific skill. Micro-certifications can complement a longer course, such as a degree, and bring added value to it ;
    • Blockchain technology allows institutions to issue various micro-certifications or skills blocks, integrated or supplementary to a course or pathway. These micro-certifications can easily be represented graphically using a badge, or Open Badge , as the visual manifestation of the digital credential. Badges, Open Badges and micro-certifications can cover the full range of hard and soft skills. This makes them extremely useful for highlighting skills in resumes or on a LinkedIn profile, for instance, as well as strengthening the validity of university courses and qualifications.