How BCdiploma's Integration with AlumnForce Enabled Sciences Po Bordeaux to Activate Nearly 100% of Students on Its Alumni Platform

  • 94% student activation rate on the Alumni platform
  • 14,000+ diploma attestations issued
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Sciences Po Bordeaux

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AlumnForce is the leading solution for creating a web and mobile platform to gather and engage students, alumni, staff, members, and community. Today, AlumnForce equips over 350 networks of leading schools and companies, including a partnership with BCdiploma.

Sciences Po Bordeaux is among the top 10 French Institutes of Political Studies. Established in 1948, the institution now has nearly 2,300 students, from first-year undergraduates to doctoral school students, including those preparing for competitive exams and continuing education.


Sciences Po Bordeaux faced a dual challenge at the end of their students' academic journey.

The first challenge concerns the issuance of diplomas that certify the completion of the program by the student. As the school offers state-recognized diplomas, the procedures for editing and issuing these diplomas take several months. However, international students, those applying for jobs requiring proof of graduation (such as in the Banking sector), or those undertaking visa acquisition processes need this diploma within very short deadlines. Therefore, Sciences Po Bordeaux is obliged to issue diploma attestations on demand, which is very time-consuming for the teams and sometimes insufficient for the students' procedures.

The second crucial issue concerns the engagement of the Alumni community. Maintaining an engaged and active alumni community significantly contributes to the school's reputation, financial support (representing 26% of school funding according to CASE), and the creation of professional opportunities for current students and graduates. To address this second challenge, Sciences Po Bordeaux turned to AlumnForce's student and alumni engagement solution. However, a major challenge for Sciences Po Bordeaux and for AlumnForce remains optimizing the number of registrations on these platforms, despite their obvious benefits.

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Student activation rate on the Alumni platform

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The implementation of BCdiploma and its integration with AlumnForce has allowed Sciences Po Bordeaux to:

1. Automate the issuance of verifiable, one-click secure diploma attestations immediately following the jury's decisions: The automatic issuance of these digital attestations allows students to facilitate their professional and visa acquisition processes, thus enhancing their professional integration and employability. Moreover, the automation of these procedures has allowed the School to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with managing attestations (able to go up to 90%, as presented in the use case “Stanford CPD and BCdiploma's Partnership for Personalized and Verifiable Blockchain Credentials”).

2. Increase the registration rate on the AlumnForce platform and, ultimately, the engagement of Alumni: The digital diploma attestations from Sciences Po Bordeaux, as well as numerous other documents like transcripts, are automatically edited and then integrated by BCdiploma into the AlumnForce profiles of the graduates. This provides them with lifetime access to these documents on their Alumni platform. BCdiploma's integration with AlumnForce has enabled Sciences Po Bordeaux to achieve nearly 100% of active students annually on its Alumni platform.

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