Blockchain technology, often associated with the financial world, is making its way into higher education. At a time when institutions’ reputation is more at stake than ever, this technology offers an innovative solution to ensure diploma integrity and ease recruiters’ work.

ESCP Business School, a leading European business school, is committed to continuously improving student journey by leveraging the latest technological advancements.

From 2019, the school provides a paperless service for diplomas and certificates in collaboration with BCdiploma. The year 2022 marks a further advancement with the announcement that all students enrolled in ESCP’s 27 specialized master’s programs will benefit from a blockchain-certified diploma.

“This project perfectly aligns with our strategic goal of expanding the services provided to our graduates, in this case offering tamper-proof diplomas that can be easily verified by recruiters,” explains Prof. Léon Laulusa, Executive Vice President and Dean for Academic and International Affairs at ESCP.

ESCP Certificate

The threat of fake diplomas

Today, many digital creations are fraudulent! About 33% of the resumes currently available on the internet are fake. 

The fake diploma industry is exploding. Authors Allen Ezell and John Bear, in their 2012 book “Degree Mills: The Billion-Dollar Industry That Has Sold Over a Million Fake Diplomas,” calculated that sales of fake diplomas have easily passed the $1 billion mark over the past decade. In their work, Ezell and Bear found that more than half of those applying for a new doctorate have fake diplomas. Recently, BBC News reported that more than 40 fraudulent websites had been shut down in a major crackdown on the sale of fake diplomas.

this business damages the image and reputation of schools and their alumni networks and even prestigious certificate, like the TOEIC certificate

ESCP students, under the guidance of Dr. Marcus Schmalbach, professor at ESCP Berlin for blockchain-related topics, discovered that 500,000 people in the U.S. hold fake degrees and 40 percent of people lie on their resumes.

What does the BCdiploma solution provide?

In its press release, ESCP Business School detailed its approach and listed the numerous advantages of implementing their new system.

ESCP Business School has digitized and automated the process of issuing certified attestations by providing graduates with a unique URL link, which can also be presented as a QR code integrated into a resume.

Throughout their life, graduates will be able to prove the authenticity of their diploma with a simple click. With a “mobile-first” approach (smartphone compatible), the links are simplified for integration into, for example, an online professional profile on social networks.

The security of diplomas, their ease of access and presentation to recruiters is an important part of this process!

The benefits are plentiful:

  • Simplifying procedures for users (students, graduates, HR access to verification, etc.).
  • Retaining control over online diploma certification.
  • Securing and optimizing the process of distributing diplomas.
  • Facilitating access to information.
  • Positioning themselves as a European leader in the digital revolution in higher education in terms of innovation.

With this step, ESCP Business School not only ensures the integrity of its diplomas but also simplifies the verification process for recruiters and HR departments. In doing so, it solidifies its reputation as a trailblazer in embracing digital advancements to enhance the educational journey of its students. The institution is indeed at the forefront of the digital revolution in higher education, showcasing a compelling example of innovation.


ESCP Business School Provides Tamper-proof Graduation Certificates Based on Blockchain Technology: link


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