In the recruitment process, nearly one in three applicants declares false information on their CV. In addition to lying about skills and work experience, it is not uncommon for candidates to present counterfeit academic certificates. To protect academic qualifications from forgery and tampering, verifiable diploma certificates or digital credentials can be generated and recorded on a blockchain.

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Copying and forgery of academic diplomas: a global problem

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Common diploma fraud practices

Diploma fraud may involve the duplication of an existing diploma, or the modification of its contents. On the fake diploma market, there are several players:

  • Diploma mills that specialize in issuing fraudulent diplomas with no academic value.
  • Individuals that make money out of forging perfect copies of academic diplomas.
  • Fake institutions that take the name of a recognized university or prestigious school, and then use it to issue fake diplomas and certificates.

Though there are various tricks to spot a fake diploma, many forged documents slip through the cracks.

What are the risks of fake diplomas for education and employment?

Duplicated and forged academic credentials present significant risks to fairness and stability in higher education and the labor market. They harm, for example:

  • Universities and schools, exposing them to a crisis of confidence, erosion of the value of their diplomas, and a general degradation of the image higher education
  • Employers, who risk hiring unqualified employees to carry out complex assignments, which may even be potentially dangerous, in such sectors as public health or national security.
  • Graduates, who have worked tirelessly to obtain their qualifications, and may be frustrated and discouraged to see other candidates fraudulently claiming the same qualifications, without having made the same efforts.

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Protect your academic qualifications with digital credentials

What do we mean by digital credentials?

Digital credentials and verifiable diploma certificates are a crucial weapon in the fight against diploma and qualification fraud. These digital certificates are published in a unique digital form, delivered to the candidate by email via a secure URL link, and recorded on a blockchain, so that they cannot ever be stolen or tampered with.

The blockchain guarantees the reliability of the issued diplomas, and protection of the graduate’s personal data.

The advantages of our verifiable diploma certificates

Verifiable diploma certificates benefit:

  • Universities, by significantly reducing diploma printing and sending costs, preserving the value of diplomas, and eliminating the need to verify each diploma manually.
  • Graduates, who have quick, easy and lifetime access to their diplomas, and can share them securely on LinkedIn, or other social networks, on their online CVs, or on recruitment forms whether in their own country or abroad.
  • Employers, who can check the validity of the diploma in just one simple click.

How do digital degrees work with the blockchain?

Quels sont les avantages de la blockchain

Digital academic degrees are digital credentials encoded in a digital ecosystem that stores data in a decentralized way: the blockchain. This digital certificate system guarantees the transparency, security, authenticity, and durability of your important documents, which can no longer be copied, tampered with, or counterfeited.

The BCdiploma solution to protect your academic diplomas

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