Under the labor code of certain countries, a job applicant “must respond in good faith” to information requests from recruiters. Nevertheless, many job seekers have taken to lying on their resumes, such as stating that they have obtained credentials for which they have had no training.

To fight diploma and certification fraud and facilitate verification, the ideal solution is to use digital credentials, integrating the issuing of micro-credentials directly to your learning management system. In this article, BCdiploma explains how. 

What are micro-credentials and learning management systems?

What are digital credentials and micro-credentials?

Digital credentials and micro-credentials may take the form of digital badges attesting to a candidate’s successful completion of an exam or training. They are frequently used in the context of e-learning, to give learners tangible proof of the acquisition of their new skills.

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What is a learning management system?

A learning management system (LMS), is an online platform for the students, faculty and administrative staff of a higher education institution or training center. As a type of digital work environment (DWE), learning management systems help bring together learning resources, administrative documents and the exam results of students, to facilitate the management of their education.

The benefits of integrating micro-credentials into digital learning systems

Micro-certifications et digital credentials : assurer la sécurité de vos documents

Digital credentials and micro-credentials: guaranteeing the security of your documents

Today, the value of certificates, diplomas and training is under threat by the wide dissemination of fake and fraudulent diplomas and certificates. To prevent fraud, it is possible to secure your micro-credentials by issuing them in the form of digital credentials recorded on a blockchain, and transmitted via a unique link communicated to students by email.

Thanks to digital credentials and their integration with your learning management systems, your micro-credentials will be completely tamper-proof, therefore protecting and preserving the value of your training.

Easily shareable digital credentials

By integrating digital credentials into your learning management system, you will give your students quick and easy access to their documents, making it much easier to find jobs and put together application files.

You can also offer the sharing of certificates via social media directly from your digital education platform, so that your students have access to detailed micro-credentials that they can, for example, share on LinkedIn, integrate in their digital CVs, and pass on to recruiters.

Easily integrate your micro-credentials into your digital space with BCdiploma

Intégrez facilement vos micro-certifications à votre espace numérique avec BCdiploma

Why integrate micro-credentials into your learning management system?

The issuing of credentials is often a tedious task for tutors and administrative staff. By integrating this functionality directly into your learning management system, your learners will have their documents immediately available, without needing to wait for each diploma to be manually prepared and individually printed.

This saves your teams lots of time and money, as the printing of physical credentials represents a significant budget for universities and training organizations.

Intuitive credential integration with BCdiploma

With BCdiploma, integrate your digital credentials easily into your learning management system by creating an open badge with your own branding, and detailing precisely the skills acquired by your learners. The digital credential solution offered by BCdiploma, incorporating the very first micro-credentials with 100% blockchain certification, is secure, customizable, easily integrated into your digital work environment, and certifiable via automated email.

Want to integrate your micro-credentials into your learning management system? Book a demo with one of our advisers now, and discover the turnkey solution offered by BCdiploma!