Diplomas, certificates and transcripts achieved during a university course are all proof of learning that students will keep with them throughout their whole lives. These documents, still often used in their paper format, take time to produce and to deliver to students, are easy to fake, and are costly to verify. For such reasons, more and more higher education institutions are turning to the issuing of digital credentials, to complement or replace the traditional paper diploma format. In addition to being more efficient and more reliable, these new diplomas bring strong added value to the entities that issue them.

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What are the main features of a digital diploma?

Certain universities and training providers have already chosen to issue their graduates with digital certificates, in addition to traditional physical diplomas. In certain cases, these physical diplomas have been completely replaced by their digital equivalents, which, when based on sufficiently reliable technology, have exactly the same and even better probative value. Indeed, a digital diploma issued in the format of digital credential and certified on a blockchain contains all the same information as a classic diploma. However, it is also:

  • More reliable, because it is impossible to tamper with or forge
  • More durable, as it will always be available on the blockchain
  • Easier to share, thanks to its inherent portability

How can the use of digital degrees improve the image of a university?

Digital diplomas shared by students

Digital diplomas shared by students

Digital credentials are designed to be opened and shared easily via any media. This appeals to young people, who are ever more connected and eager to share. Social networks are an integral part of their lives, and they are ready to adopt the use of digital diplomas that can be so easily be shared online, to immediately prove and show off their university qualifications.

By publishing newly acquired diplomas or certifications on social networks, such as LinkedIn, they boost the visibility of the university,contributing to its standing and demonstrating its innovative inclination. Students therefore have an essential role to play in the communication strategy of their higher education institution.

Boost the image of your university!

Digital diplomas boost the image of your university

In addition to the free publicity that comes with students posting their achievements, the university itself can support its communication strategy by:

  • Strengthening its presence on social networks
  • Creating informative content in relation to its digital degrees
  • Relaying the testimonials of former students for whom the use of digital credentials has made a difference

Investing time and resources in communications, particularly via social networks, but also on the various pages of your institution’s website boosts the overall image of the university, helping it stand out from other institutions and making it more attractive to potential students and stakeholders.

Speed: a major advantage for both universities and students

For students, obtaining a diploma is not only a moment of personal satisfaction, after a more or less difficult course that has finally come to an end, it is often a necessity to get an internship, first job, or admission to another school. Waiting long weeks for an institution to issue their diplomas is a source of great anxiety for students, who may have job interviews or admissions shortly after the end of their academic year.

This is why digital diplomas, which can be issued quickly, and transferred just as quickly to students, constitute a major advantage for the university, streamlining its processes and improving its reputation as a modern and efficient institution.

Issuing digital diplomas with BCdiploma

BCdiploma helps universities, training organizations and companies equip themselves with the right digital accreditation solution. Embracing the technology of digital credentials and taking a step towards modernity means both facilitating the student experience and improving the image that your organization presents to the world.

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