LinkedIn has revolutionized the way we present ourselves on the internet by promoting a social network geared more towards the professional lives of its users. With over 850 million users worldwide, the platform has become the quintessential professional showcase for many of its users, who use it to learn, connect, and build their professional success. The social network is now a complement to the classic resume or curriculum vitae, a digital and more social counterpart, and the appearance of digital diplomas and micro-certifications there further reinforces the impact that LinkedIn can have on the professional future of its users.

Let BCdiploma tell you about the advantages of sharing your digital credentials on LinkedIn.

What exactly is LinkedIn for?

Founded in 2002, and growing significantly in recent years, LinkedIn is a professional social network helping users not only find work, but also develop their businesses and their professional networks. People use LinkedIn mainly for: 

  • Developing a showcase and displaying their professional achievements, desires, interests, and overall image
  • Affirming their credibility, through the quality and number of their connections on the network
  • Managing their e-reputation

  • Demonstrating their expertise in their chosen fields, via instructional posts or professional situations they have recently encountered
  • Carrying out marketing

What digital credentials work with LinkedIn?

The portability of digital credentials

Les digital credentials sont des attestations numériques délivrées par une institution reconnue

Digital credentials are digital certificates issued by a recognized institution and can be shared online. They can take multiple forms, such as a digital diploma, open badge, micro-certification, skills block, etc. The very format of a digital credential makes it extremely, and inherently, portable, so that all the different kinds of digital credentials can be shared via LinkedIn. Indeed, they can be presented using simply a link, supported by all browsers and all media. Digital credentials are therefore exceptionally easy to share on all kinds of networks, starting with LinkedIn.

What digital credentials should you share? 

Social media users know well that not everything is good to share! This also applies to digital credentials, especially when you accumulate a certain number of them over a short period. Rather than publishing lots of different open badges that you achieve after brief bouts of training, it may be wiser to share them as a whole. End-of-study digital diplomas are particularly useful, as they should be, and can form the bulk of the credentials you want to highlight on LinkedIn. 

Sharing your digital credentials on LinkedIn: what are the advantages?

Keep your digital CV up to date

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LinkedIn is a platform where everyone shows the best of both their hard and soft know-how and skills. In sharing your newly acquired digital credentials on the platform, you showcase your competences and provide interested people with a quick way to get an immediate idea of the certifications you have achieved. You expand your profile and provide key information, boosting your chances of being contacted for offers that precisely match your specific skills and expectations.

Most academic digital credentials can be shared via social networks in the simplest way possible: just by clicking on a “share” button in the credential itself. In this way, it is easy to add your digital certificates to LinkedIn, so that they appear consistently on your profile.

Advantages for issuers of digital certificates

Universities and training organizations that issue digital credentials benefit from the visibility of their digital certifications. For each LinkedIn user who shares an open badge or other credential, the online reputation of the educational or training entity is strengthened.

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