According to a survey published by the consulting firm Lefebvre-Dalloz in March 2023, of around 1,900 active professionals, 60% considered continuing vocational training as essential to remain an attractive proposition on the labor market. With the demand for vocational training courses continuing to grow, more and more organizations are offering training services, in an already highly competitive training market.

To increase turnover from these training services, organizations are resorting to various solutions, such as more targeted advertising, increased module prices, and internal cost cutting. Though less obvious, the use of digital credentials can also boost revenue, as BCdiploma will explain in this article.

Enhance your professional training with digital credentials

Enhance your professional training with digital credentials

An example of a digital certificate with the “Proofs” panel open

Digital credentials are issued in a single copy and secured on a blockchain, which makes them completely tamper and forgery proof. They not only allow organizations to cut the costs of publishing paper diplomas, but are also an effective tool in the large-scale promotion of brand image, the building of reputation, and the marketing of courses to targeted audiences. Control, security and longevity are the particular hallmarks of digital credentials, which can be easily shared without losing any of their value.

How to use digital credentials to generate a significant return on investment?

A secure diploma that makes it possible to update skills over time

While diplomas in paper or PDF formats have obvious security flaws, digital credentials guarantee reliability and security for your credentials and certifications. Forget lost, torn and photoshopped diplomas: digital credentials recorded on a blockchain are issued in a unique, unrepeatable form, and are completely tamper-proof.

Traditional paper diplomas cannot be controlled, rectified or revoked once they have been distributed to their recipients. Digital credentials, on the other hand, can be modified at any time by the issuing organization, allowing them also to have a validity period and expiration date, after which the training should be renewed or updated. This allows training organizations to encourage trainees to retake certain course modules once they have expired.

Digital pathways that motivate your trainees

Digital pathways that motivate your trainees

An example of a digital certificate with the “Pathway” panel open

By creating coherent digital pathways, training and higher education organizations can make their offerings more fun and thus encourage trainees and students to complete entire programs, rather than just one or two isolated courses or modules. Once an individual digital credential has been acquired, a trainee can view all the digital credentials they still need to complete the entire course, and they can easily share each step of the pathway on social media.

Digital credentials provide clear information and incentives to enroll in other courses that can be directly integrated into the credential delivery email. Furthermore, digital skills certificates can ensure the consistency and comparability of courses among trainees and their peers.

Digital credentials, a powerful, low-cost marketing tool

Les digital credentials, un outil marketing puissant à moindres frais

Since digital credentials are so easily shareable on social networks, digital CVs and even on LinkedIn, they are of particularly useful for cross-selling. Each trainee sharing their digital credential with their network takes on the effective role of a low-cost marketing agent, since their friends, peers and acquaintances constitute a cross-audience for the training organization, offering potential enrolment leads.

Similarly, as digital credentials contain all the information relating to the program followed and the skills developed, they represent inexpensive and incentivizing advertising for training and educational organizations. The credentials can also feature a direct link to the organization’s website, and boost leads in this way too.

BCdiploma, a turnkey solution to boost training course revenues

Do you represent a training or higher education organization and want to boost revenues generated by your courses? BCdiploma will support you in setting up fully customized, blockchain-secured micro-credentials. Unique, intuitive and easily shareable, our digital credentials can be organized into complete programs that develop skills along coherent digital pathways and motivate trainees and students to progress step-by-step to the very end of their courses.

To learn more about our digital credentials and micro-credentials, book a demo with one of our advisors.