BCdiploma, a frontrunner in providing personalized and verifiable digital credentials & micro-credentials, is thrilled to announce that it has been granted the gold award at the Learning Impact Conference 2023.

BCdiploma won the award for its innovative application of blockchain technology in a partnership with the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Source: 1EdTech Learning Impact Conference 2023 Gold Award: “Stanford CPD and BCdiploma’s Partnership for Personalized and Verifiable Blockchain Credentials”

The Learning Impact Award is a global competition aiming to recognize innovative EdTech applications, which address the major challenges in the field of education, higher education, and lifelong learning.

The Learning Impact Trends Framework stands as a vital indicator of cutting-edge ideas and evolving technology trends. Among the 20 finalists, BCdiploma won the Gold Award in recognition of its transformative potential in the areas of personalized learning, employability, institutional performance and e-learning.

SCPD (Stanford Center for Professional Development) and BCdiploma's Partnership for Personalized and Verifiable 
 Blockchain Credentials

“We at BCdiploma feel privileged and honoured to receive this prestigious award,” said Alexis Berolatti, COO and Co-founder of BCdiploma.

“Our partnership with the Stanford Center for Professional Development highlights how blockchain technology, as implemented by BCdiploma, can re-engineer the credential issuance and management system. We aim to empower students in their career growth and skills demonstration, offering a transformative tool that goes beyond simply digitizing credentials. For a student, a blockchain certificate or diploma is the guarantee of being able to present his or her success to a recruiter at the click of a button, throughout his or her life and without intermediaries… a springboard for employability and inclusion“.

Our collaboration with BCdiploma has been the perfect partnership. We worked together to create bespoke credentials and integrate our systems to provide a seamless experience to learners, while reducing delays and saving staff time.Robert Prakash – CTO of the Stanford Online & SCPD

BCdiploma et the Learning Impact conference 2023

Benefits of BCdiploma’s Blockchain Credentialing Solution

Discover the advantages that BCdiploma’s blockchain-based credentialing solution offers over traditional paper credentials:

  • Enhanced Security: Blockchain ensures a secure and tamper-proof system, making it impossible to forge or counterfeit credentials.
  • Easy Verification: Credentials issued on the BCdiploma blockchain can be easily verified by employers, educational institutions, and other stakeholders.
  • Seamless Portability: BCdiploma’s blockchain credentials are portable and can be effortlessly shared with any interested party.

About BCdiploma
BCdiploma is trusted by more than 170 institutions, universities, and businesses in 21 countries. By leveraging blockchain technology, BCdiploma aims to enhance security, longevity, and simplicity in the credentialing process, ultimately fostering a learner-centric approach.