In the development of a marketing strategy, the promotion of your brand image is crucial, in order to retain your audience and improve your conversion rate. Your organization’s brand logo, name and unique educational or training selling points are all important identity levers that should appear in all your digital communication media, including the digital credentials that you issue to your students.

Want to set up custom, branded, secure digital credentials using the white label principle? BCdiploma will explain how to outsource the creation of your digital credentials but still impose your brand image across the internet and social media.

What is a white label digital credential?

A tried and tested digital credential tailored to your branding needs

A white label digital credential is a digital credential designed, developed and published by another company on behalf of an educational institution which then enjoys all of its benefits. Does your university or training organization want to provide your students with the most reliable and secure digital credentials, but with its very own branding? Well, why not use white label digital credentials? That way the digital credentials will be created for you, but you can then take advantage of an established template to integrate and show off your organization’s own brand name, logo and colors.

An essential lever for your marketing strategy

As a widespread practice in the field of digital marketing, white labeling is an excellent way to outsource certain needs to a specialized company, while fully taking advantage of the marketing benefits for the development of your brand image. With white label digital credentials, you can promote your brand visibility and reputation throughout the digital credential process, and thereby establish yourself as a leading figure of authority in your field of activity. This will strengthen the confidence that your audience has in your training courses, and make them more likely to engage with your institution.

What are the advantages of using white label digital credentials?

Une expertise professionnelle pour une technologie sécurisée

Reduced marketing costs

Take advantage of a digital marketing solution at lower cost with white label digital credentials! There’s no need to hire a developer: the third-party company will take care of all the coding and editing of your digital credentials, saving you lots of time and money. As they have already been tested and approved by other companies and organizations, using white label digital credentials will minimize the risk of them not working correctly, and therefore minimize  maintenance costs that otherwise might have a significant impact on your budget.

Professional expertise and the most reliable, secure technology

Digital credentials are state-of-the-art digital technology, demanding special expertise to design, develop and publish them. As they are intended to be totally secure, digital credentials must be deployed with great care, in order to avoid any vulnerabilities that might otherwise harm their legitimacy. Therefore, calling on a company that is an expert in the field of digital credentials is the best way to take advantage of a reliable and secure product that has already proven itself, and which can be perfectly and immediately adapted to your own marketing strategy.

Shareable digital credentials that boost your reputation

The main advantage of white label digital credentials lies in their potential to boost the visibility of your brand and reputation. By encouraging your students to share their personalized digital credentials on social media and LinkedIn, you are providing your organization with cheap advertising, and disseminating your brand image far and wide.

Cross-audiences, recruiters and potential students can then easily discover your digital credentials on the internet, and are more likely to trust and recognize you as a legitimate authority. By integrating a direct link to your site or training catalog within your digital credentials, you can boost conversions, the main objective of any communication strategy.

BCdiploma, the white label digital credentials expert

UX design by BCdiploma

BCdiploma supports numerous higher education and training organizations in the creation of their white label digital credentials, offering them digital diplomas and credentials secured using blockchain technology. Thanks to our customization solution, you can easily incorporate your brand logo and name into your digital credentials, and thus broadcast your brand image throughout the processes of issuing and sharing digital diplomas.

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