After the success of the summit’s 2022 edition in Atlanta, the Digital Credentials Summit is back this year and BCdiploma will be there! There will be plenty of meetings, conferences and spaces organized for reflecting on digital credentials and their future prospects and implications. Let BCdiploma tell you about the program of the digital credentials summit, which brings together a host of international players in education and technological innovation.

The Digital Credentials Summit: practical information

What is the Digital Credentials Summit?

Organized by 1EdTech, a community of higher education and digital innovation leaders, the Digital Credentials Summit focuses on the theme of digital pedagogy. Every year, for 3 days, the Digital Credentials Summit brings together numerous businesses and universities to broadly discuss the present and the future of digital credentials.

When and where is the 2023 Digital Credentials Summit taking place?

This year, the Digital Credentials Summit will be held in the Texas city of Dallas, USA, from February 27 to March 1, 2023, in the company of representatives of various American universities and of specialized companies, including BCdiploma, that design and issue digital credentials.

What is the goal of the Digital Credentials Summit?

The 2023 Digital Credentials Summit is a one-of-a-kind multi-day event seeking to bring together all the digital education players that want to explore and develop the aspects of this technological solution, and build up a network of partnerships and mutually beneficial relations.

The 2023 Digital Credentials Summit Program

Keynotes and conferences on digital credentials

For the 2023 Digital Credentials Summit, many keynotes and conferences will be led by higher education representatives, digital credentials specialists, engineers, and other 1EdTech community members, including experts of the BCdiploma team, who will have the opportunity to present our blockchain digital credentials solution.

BCdiploma’s expertise on show at the 2023 Digital Credentials Summit

Some years ago, the University of Lille, France, took up the challenge of the Digital Credentials Consortium: “What would an academic degree look like if it were designed today? As the question of trusted verification and authentication of learning and credentials poses itself with increased urgency, we need to rethink how we issue, recognize and transact with academic credentials.”

Then, two years after deploying a blockchain-based digital credentials solution automating the digital issuing of degree diplomas to over 80,000 students, the University of Lille explained in its white paper “The University of Lille’s Blockchain Credentials” that the blockchain credentials solution is a powerful tool to: 

  1. Provide an immediate service to students, by offering 100% digital, multilingual, tamper-proof diploma certificates, universally recognized worldwide.
  2. Automate, guarantee reliability, and cut the production costs of diplomas. 
  3. Strengthen confidence in higher education institutions and in the documents they issue.

At the 2023 Digital Credentials Summit, Perrine de Coëtlogon will introduce a session on this theme using a video testimony to explore the following questions:

  • Why, in 2021, did the University of Lille embark on the biggest deployment of blockchain digital credentials to date in the academic world? 
  • How were the digital credentials designed, and what impact have they had on the institution and its students?

We will then present the technology used, and provide an answer to the question: how can a university take its first steps in the world of blockchain digital credentials thanks to BCdiploma’s turnkey solution?

A vast network of education and technology players

Beyond the most obvious pedagogical perspectives, the Digital Credentials Summit is fertile ground for innovation and the birth and development of partnerships between the various players of the digital education market. Plenty of time slots will be dedicated to meetings and idea sharing sessions, during these three days, to allow speakers and participants to fully discuss the range of applications and implications of digital credentials.

Spaces for reflection on the digital credentials of tomorrow

The 2023 Digital Credentials Summit will not only take stock of digital credentials as they are used today, but will also aim to envisage their future over various time scales. As fertile ground for innovation and the emergence of new technological trends, the summit will invite its participants to reflect on the long term through various presentations on the deployment of digital credentials at US community colleges, on the future of micro-credentials from a Web3 perspective, and on the adaptation of digital credentials to emerging labor market needs.

Meet the BCdiploma teams at the 2023 Digital Credentials Summit in Dallas, Texas, from February 27 to March 1!