Discover with BCdiploma the digital credentials wallet to store and secure students’ credentials., the blockchain e-Portfolio valid for life is a digital credentials wallet accessible via a mobile and web application. It allows learners to receive, store and share Digital Credentials, Micro-Credentials or Open Badges… in other words, it is a blockchain e-Portfolio. Wallet owners have a unique blockchain address valid for life, giving them the possibility to access a decentralized identity or to receive NFTs.

Involved in lifelong learning and the recognition of both formal and informal skills, many universities and schools are showing a growing interest in a universal e-Portfolio:

  • personal, i.e. independent of the learner’s connection with the institution of origin;
  • allowing the learners to keep and share all their digital diplomas, skill blocks and badges, regardless of their issuers

l’apprenant conserve l’accès direct à son wallet et aux credentials que son institution lui a décernés,

This new tool of student wallet responds to specific problems:

  • when the learners or students no longer have access to their institutional email, they still have direct secure access to their wallet and to the credential that their institution has granted them, thus reducing duplicate requests;
  • during a course within several entities, the learners build a personal portfolio that will allow them to strengthen and display all their acquired skills… and even to apply for new courses;
  • during exchange programs, such as Erasmus, it automates the verification of a learner’s credentials by the host institution, guaranteeing identity attributes, such as the European student number.

il permet d’automatiser la vérification des titres et diplômes d’un apprenant par l’institution d’accueil

What are the features of for digital credentials ?

  1. One-click activation with creation of a blockchain address
  2. Available without time limit
  3. Accessible with any of the owner’s email addresses
  4. Storage and sharing of Open Badges and BCdiploma Credentials
  5. Receiving NFT*
  6. Assignment of a digital identity via a DID, for example based on the European student number within EBSI*
  7. Receiving and sharing Verifiable Credentials W3C EBSI*

*available soon

Why as a digital credentials wallet solution ? is designed to meet two major challenges:
  1. The need for a long-term accessible e-portfolio, which the blockchain makes possible
  2. The revolution of Self Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Credentials

Decentralized technologies have revolutionized the concept of Digital Identity over the past few years, introducing the notion of decentralized identity and digital wallet:

  • the W3C has issued a recommendation to accelerate the use of decentralized identifiers, in particular for the implementation of the Verifiable Credentials standard, the new standard allowing the sharing of digital credentials by guaranteeing the identity of their holders;
  • The European Commission has adopted the ESSIF standard to implement this recommendation, in conjunction with the EBSI European blockchain project.

euro-ngi and European projects around verifiable credentials

The development of by BCdiploma teams is part of the European projects fr.EBSI and NGI ESSIF Lab.

The French governmental project on the European blockchain EBSI, fr.EBSI, aims at deploying digital credentials, called Verifiable Credentials, in the EBSI trust environment, by implementing the W3C and ESSIF digital identity standards. For this, a wallet dedicated to the academic use case is required: it allows an individual to claim and receive credentials from one institution, as well as to submit them to another, under the “Verifiable Presentation” format. This sharing format combines the wallet owner’s proof of identity and the documents they share.

Learn more about the work of Verifiable Credentials EBSI within fr.EBSI.

For this project, BCdiploma was a winner of the European NGI ESSIF Lab program.

Early adopters’ program

L’Université de Lille, l’Université européenne Civis et l’Université de Lyon sont les premières à déployer, avec l’aide des équipes de BCdiploma.

The University of Lille, the European Civis University and the University of Lyon are the first to implement, with the help of BCdiploma teams.

If you would like to participate in the early adopters’ program and quickly deploy this new tool for mobility and skills sharing, get in touch with us!

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Discover with BCdiploma a digital credentials service based on blockhain technology to protect student data.