BCdiploma: Secure Digital Credentials Wallet

Discover BCdiploma: a digital credentials wallet that securely stores and manages students’ credentials. Meet mywallet.cloud, our blockchain-based e-Portfolio life wallet, accessible via mobile and web apps. It allows learners to receive, store, and share various digital credentials. This e-Portfolio provides a unique, lifelong blockchain address, offering decentralized identities and the potential for NFT reception.

Universities, Schools, and Lifelong Learning

Many educational institutions now seek a universal e-Portfolio. Key characteristics of our universal e-Portfolio include:

  • Personal Ownership: Learners maintain independent control, regardless of their connection to the issuing institution.
  • Versatile Storage: It can store and share all forms of digital diplomas and badges from any issuer.

Learners have direct access to their wallet and credentials, overcoming traditional barriers.

Addressing Educational Challenges

The student wallet tackles specific issues, such as:

  • Secure Credential Access: Users can access their credentials without an institutional email, reducing duplicate requests.
  • Personal Portfolio Development: It enables learners to compile skills from various educational sources.
  • Automated Verification: Streamlines the verification process for programs like Erasmus, ensuring the validity of identifiers like the European student number.

it makes it possible to automate the verification of a learner’s qualifications and diplomas by the host institution

Key Features of mywallet.cloud

  • Easy Activation: One-click setup with a blockchain address.
  • Lifetime Access: No restrictions on duration.
  • Multiple Email Compatibility: Works with any of the owner’s email addresses.
  • Open Badges and BCdiploma Credentials: Facilitates storage and sharing.
  • NFT Support.
  • Decentralized Identifier (DID): For example, the European student number within EBSI (coming soon).
  • W3C EBSI Standard Compliant Verifiable Credentials (coming soon).

Why mywallet.cloud?

This solution is designed for:
  • Sustainable e-Portfolio: Enabled by blockchain technology.
  • Advancement of Self Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Credentials

Recent shifts in digital identity emphasize decentralized technologies:

  • The W3C endorses decentralized identifiers for secure digital credential sharing.
  • The European Commission, through the ESSIF standard and EBSI project, is implementing these innovations.


mywallet.cloud in European Verifiable Credentials Projects

BCdiploma’s development of mywallet.cloud is integral to projects like fr.EBSI and NGI ESSIF Lab. It aims to integrate Verifiable Credentials in the EBSI framework, complying with W3C and ESSIF standards.

Learn more about the work of Verifiable Credentials EBSI within fr.EBSI.

BCdiploma was selected as a winner in the European NGI ESSIF Lab program.

Early Adopters’ Program:

The University of Lille, the European University Civis and the University of Lyon are the first to deploy mywallet.cloud, with the help of the BCdiploma teams.

The University of Lille, the European Civis University and the University of Lyon are pioneering mywallet.cloud, assisted by BCdiploma. For more information on joining this program, please contact us!

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Explore BCdiploma’s digital credentials service, which utilizes blockchain technology to protect student data..