It’s decided: your organization wants to introduce a digital credential solution. Whether it concerns certificates, diplomas or open badges, proving or validating the acquisition of certain skills, or membership of certain groups, digital credentials are an extremely practical and reliable solution. They can take various forms, and providers of digital credential solutions have multiplied considerably of late.

So, how can you make sure you choose the digital credential solution that is right for your business, institution, or organization? BCdiploma tells you the essential criteria to help you decide.

Why use digital credentials?

Digital credentials are a technological advancement that makes it possible to certify any kind of information

Digital credentials are a technological advancement that makes it possible to certify any kind of information, by storing it and validating it on a blockchain. Adopting a blockchain-based digital credential solution has many benefits, including:

  • Inviolability of the digital data: once added to the blockchain, the data are inalterable, tamper-proof, and unforgeable.
  • Optimization of administrative processes: all processes are greatly simplified by the switch to digital.
  • Ease and reliability of storage: the documents, titles, certificates and diplomas are now impossible to lose, and no longer need to be duplicated.
  • Modern and innovative image: the use of such technology shows your establishment to be in keeping with modernity.

What criteria should be used to choose the right digital credential solution?

Features offered by the supplier’s solution

While platforms for issuing digital credentials may superficially appear to operate on the same model and offer similar options, they can, however, vary greatly in the details. Also, before choosing a partner for issuing your digital credentials, you should ask several fundamental questions such as:

  • What exactly will the digital credentials be used for?
  • What additional features might be useful?
  • Does the offer cover all of your organization’s needs?

Support service quality

A service based on such advanced technology as blockchain-based digital credentials may at first appear somewhat bewildering to a person or a team unaccustomed to using them. Despite the simplicity and good design of the application you choose, you may well need to call on the support service of your supplier, particularly when initially setting up your digital credential solution.

For this reason, it is essential to ensure that your partner’s support service is satisfactory, for example by checking user comments, FAQs, and resources provided on its site, such as detailed documentation, a help desk, video tutorials, and so on. Ensuring you have access to fast and efficient customer service is a must!

Ease of integration of the solution

a solution that easily adapts to your own technological context

In the probable scenario that your organization already has its own digital platform, as well as certain software, you also have to make sure that your potential partner offers a solution that easily adapts to your own technological context, and interfaces effortlessly with your own management tools. Otherwise, integrating the solution will be costly in terms of time, money and organizational effort.

Make up your mind with a demo!

Some platforms allow you to try out their product with a demonstration, giving you an opportunity to have a better idea of how their digital credential solution would actually work for you. Whether the demo is in the form of a video or a free trial period, why not take the opportunity to judge the quality of the solution’s interface and user experience? And ask yourself these simple but essential questions:

  • Is the platform easy to use?
  • What features does it offer?
  • How well does it adapt to the use you want to make of it?

Choose BCdiploma, the ideal partner to help you realize your ambitions!

Choose BCdiploma, the ideal partner to help you realize your ambitions

BCdiploma has made issuing academic certificates online its specialty. We already help numerous universities and certifying bodies to issue their own blockchain-certified digital credentials that are impossible to falsify, and are in just the right format. We can help you issue all the documents you need:

  • Open-badges
  • Micro-certifications
  • Digital diplomas
  • E-portfolios and student wallets

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