Every day, more and more sectors are taking a keener interest in the paperless office and storing credentials and records in a secure electronic space on the blockchain. The world of education is certainly no exception. Blockchain technology is now offering a revolutionary new way for academic, learning and training institutions, like Ifocop, to issue course certifications: the digital diploma or so called, digital credentials or digital certificates This blockchain-based solution promises to rapidly replace the old system of issuing of parchment and paper media for diplomas and exam certificates.

Ever thought about offering your graduate students digitalized exam certificates or diplomas? Maybe you have more questions about this revolutionary blockchain technology and the world of digital education ? Well, discover all the advantages of a certified electronic diploma (“CeDiploma”) with BCdiploma and be a part of innovations in higher education.

What exactly is a digital diploma?

A digital diploma is a certified electronic certificate (“CeCertificate”) of an original paper diploma that an educational or training institution can issue for the students after a course or exam, at whatever the level of education.

In a secure electronic form, it includes all the relevant details of the certification or diploma, such as:

  • Year of certification
  • Qualification title
  • Student information – name, surname, date of birth, id number
  • Training institution address – school, college, university, higher-educational institute, training center, e-learning provider

This new digitization system offers a solution for all kinds of diplomas and certificates, at every level of study, from high-school diplomas and GPAs to SATs, undergrad degrees, master’s degrees, vocational training certificates, and so on. Accessible online, just a click away, on a webpage or app, an electronic degree certificate facilitates student admin, validating their skills, and guaranteeing authenticity. Which makes it easy for a graduate to offer a validation method of their learning records to potential employers or another university or learning institution.

This is one of the reasons the French Education Ministry launched the Diplôme.gouv.fr platform, which, to date, lists no less than 23 million electronic diplomas and blockcerts.

What are the real benefits of a digital diploma?

A diploma digitally stored and always accessible

According to the French Education Ministry, every year, grad students contact their universities by email to make over 80,000 requests for copies of lost parchment and paper records.

A diploma digitally stored and always accessible

These requests can easily clog registrar office and admin services at schools, universities, and training centers. And students often have to wait a long time to receive a copy of their graduation document at their home address. When a registrar office opts for a certified electronic diploma (CeDiploma), it means it will guarantee its availability, ease of access, and ease of sharing for qualification validations, resumes and job application purposes. All this is especially important when the student has a particular need of a credential, resume or record in order to get an application in on time.

In order to access their credential, graduates or course participants receive a unique URL link by email. This gives them immediate access to their CeCredential, CeDiploma, or CeCertificate, which they can download in just one, simple click, either via a web page or an app. This link then provides an easy way to download or share results and qualifications with potential employers and on professional social media.

The CeDiploma, or CeCredential, is based on the technology of blockcerts, or blockchain certificates, and is accompanied by a blockchain Certified Electronic Document Identifier, or CeDiD. This CeDiD guarantees a mechanism of trust to any potential employers or institutions that might otherwise have questions about the validity of learning and training records.

Verified identification and increased security accessing the diploma

The certified digital diploma and its blockchain CeDiD respond to the widespread problem of qualification or graduation document falsification and forgeries. To fight the use of fake diplomas and certificates, this new digitally signed and encrypted CeDiploma blockchain solution offers an effective and reliable alternative to the paper or parchment version. The dematerialization of diplomas or paper certificates can, therefore, increase their authenticity. A private key and account provide a tamper-proof way of validating the id of the user before they gain access to the document. Thus, this 100% traceable, blockchain-enabled technology can immediate lockdown the confidentiality of all kinds of diplomas, certificates, transcripts and digital certificate, collectively known as blockcerts or digital credentials.

The certified digital diploma and its blockchain CeDiD

The digital diploma: how can we standardize online certification?

A blockchain diploma or certificate is a way of maintaining accessibility over the long-term. The online or app-based solution makes it extremely easy to both access and grant access to a certificate, for example, for a job application. The growing popularity of digital certificates and credentials raises the question of how we will be able to establish an interoperable standard, to guarantee permanent access and use for a wide range of reasons. This is why the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) created, in 2019, the Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0 standard. This standardizes not only the exchange of certificates at a national level, but also guarantees the recognition of digital diplomas, electronic documents and blockcerts worldwide. Blockchain technology makes it possible to implement this standard with a higher degree of security, trust, interoperability and durability than any other solution using conventional technologies.

How can my institution set up a digital diploma system?

Digital platforms for diplomas are on the rise

In response to growing digitalization, online platforms for preserving and storing exam and qualification documents are ever more in demand. Such platforms, by leveraging blockchain technology, offer the secure storage of certificates of achievement and diplomas in a single place, providing simple, immediate access to the entire academic and training career of a given individual. Certain digital platforms also offer an easy-to-use and secure digital validation service for blockcerts such as an app-based digital wallet.

This makes the procedure for accessing your digital diploma or certification simple. All you need to do is identify yourself on the platform via your digital wallet account, and you will get immediate access to the digital documents issued by your school, college, or university. You will then also receive a public cryptographic key to share your digitally signed and encrypted diploma or learning resume with any email address contact you want.

The BCdiploma solution for your digital certificates

BCdiploma, market leader in the digitization of diplomas and micro credentials, offers you a turnkey platform. Unlike in a traditional digital wallet app, no authentication is needed to access BCdiploma’s online service.

Data security, instant diplomas verification, and free, lifetime use of digital certificates by the graduate are just some of the services offered by our patented blockchain technology. This digital blockchain solution extends to all types of digital credential or record, such as Open Badge, which aim to promote the achievement of certifications in transversal soft skills. 

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