The talent war is intensifying, making talent retention and loyalty a major challenge for HR departments and corporate academies & universities. An effective strategy to meet this challenge is investing in the training and skill development of employees. This article explores how digital badges are emerging as a powerful lever not only for retaining and upskilling your employees but also for attracting more talent.

Continuous Training: A Lever for Loyalty and Productivity

Continuous Training: A Lever for Loyalty and Productivity

With an increasingly intense talent war, retaining employees has become crucial for businesses. The LinkedIn Workplace Learning & Development study reveals that 94% of employees would be willing to stay longer at a company that invests in their learning and development. This finding underscores the importance of continuous training as a strategic tool for loyalty.

Continuous training and skill advancement of employees is also an excellent lever for increasing productivity. The American Society for Training and Development has found that companies investing in their employees’ professional development see a 218% increase in productivity per employee on average compared to those that invest little or none in this area.

Digital Badges: Recognition and Engagement

Digital badges – awarded to employees in the form of a personal URL link providing access to an online certificate – represent a modern and efficient solution to certify acquired skills… and engage employees in their training program.

The ISTF 2024 Barometer confirms that obtaining proof of skills, such as a certificate or badge, is the second most motivating factor for employees to start and finish training.

Digital Badges: Recognition and Engagement

IBM’s example is striking in this regard. With the launch of its first badge-endorsed training program, IBM reports:

+129% enrollment in online courses on its platform
+226% completion of started training courses

… all within just 6 weeks!

Transform Your Employees’ Social Networks into Your Best Employer Brand Showcase

Digital badges are not limited to recognizing skills and achievements; they also enable your employees to share their skills and accomplishments on their professional social networks.

Nearly 60% of BCdiploma badges and certificates are shared on professional social networks. What better way to valorize your training program and showcase your employer brand? Especially considering that employers who invest in their employer brand are three times more likely to make quality hires (SHRM).

This dynamic of sharing contributes to creating a positive buzz around the company, showcasing its commitment to professional development and skill recognition.

Retain, Upskill, and Attract the Best Talent

Retain, Upskill, and Attract the Best Talent

Obtaining digital badges after training is an excellent lever for:

  • Validating Skills: Digital badges provide verifiable proof of skills and achievements, facilitating their recognition within the company.
  • Engaging and Upskilling Talent, by increasing training participation and completion rates, and thus the skill level of your employees.
  • Talent Retention by valorizing your training program.
  • Talent Acquisition, by turning your employees into showcases of your HR commitments.

BCdiploma: Your Ally in Valorizing Your Training Program and Employer Brand

BCdiploma positions itself as a key partner for companies looking to retain and upskill their talent through digital badges and certificates. With an offer of micro-credentials and badges tailored to the specific needs of each organization, BCdiploma facilitates the secure and lasting recognition of skills.

With comprehensive experience in the field of digital training certifications, BCdiploma is already successfully equipping several HR departments and corporate academies of prestigious companies and is the only player in the market guaranteeing:

  • Total Sovereignty Over Your Data – Our competitors are platforms and own their clients’ data. We leave you complete ownership and sovereignty.
  • Promoting Your Brand with our 100% white-label solution.

In conclusion, digital badges are emerging as an indispensable solution for HR departments eager to better retain their talent and valorize their training program. BCdiploma is at the forefront of this revolution, offering tailored solutions to turn your training programs into a true competitive advantage.

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