IFOCOP is the very first professional training institution in France to issue dematerialized and fully secure professional certificates to graduates, using the BCdiploma blockchain technology.

The first 350 blockchain-secured diplomas were sent to IFOCOP learners in April 2020. “The whole process was done in less than an hour! “ says Pascale Garnotel, IFOCOP Product & Quality Director.

The first 350 blockchain-secured diplomas were sent to IFOCOP learners

5,000 Blockchain Credentials issued in one year

At the end of 2021, the results are clear: IFOCOP has issued more than 5,000 blockchain diplomas and BCdiploma has become a daily tool for the teams.

For Bertrand Lamour, Director of the IFOCOP Group, this project demonstrates the desire to strongly support the digitalization of the services offered to learners. Diplomas and certificates will now be delivered the day after the examination boards, thus allowing graduates to use them immediately with recruiters.

This is exactly what I wanted for IFOCOP: online tamper-proof digital diplomas”, he says.

How do BCdiploma’s blockchain Digital Credentials work?

Each IFOCOP graduate now owns for life a unique URL link that provides secure access to his or her diploma on the blockchain. This URL link allows you to generate a digital open badge on LinkedIn or a QR code to integrate into a resume. Recruiters can thus check the authenticity of IFOCOP diplomas with one click.

The training institution details its blockchain in education certification program on its website: it explains that the blockchain is a virtual, tamper-proof and transparent register of accounts.

Blockchain Credentials Process

Certificate data is encrypted before being stored. This storage of data on the blockchain makes it tamper-proof and ensures that it’s not lost or destroyed. By clicking on the link of an IFOCOP professional certificate, this data is read in real time on the blockchain and displayed on the IFOCOP website.

“This new service is a proof of our flexibility, our modernity, but above all of our willingness to stay as close as possible to the needs of our trainees: to convince recruiters and bounce back into employment quickly“, adds Bertrand Lamour.

Icocop & BCdiploma promotion 2020

BCdiploma: your online certificates one click away

Deployed in more than 120 initial, continuing or professional training institutions, BCdiploma is a turnkey platform for dematerializing and managing certificates, in line with training and skills base. BCdiploma specializes in micro credentials and supports organizations in the implementation of skills certificates and modularized academic careers, in accordance with the French Act of 5 September 2019 “Pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel”.

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IFOCOP: 50 years of successful employment

The IFOCOP Group is an adult professional training organization created in 1969 by the Ministry of SMBs to improve the employability of employees and job seekers. It is now ISQ-OPQF certified for the guarantee of a commitment to quality service.

Specialized in the service sector, the organization trains more than 3,000 people each year, including 2,500 jobseekers. The IFOCOP training model is a unique work-study model, which combines 4 months studying and 4 months working. It is currently the best solution for vocational retraining, with a rate of return to employment of over 80% each year.

“At IFOCOP, we have known for a long time that there is no age for training, for updating skills and for changing fields. In other words, to reinvent oneself professionally. Our professional, diploma, certification and qualification courses meet these objectives. In 2017, 91% of our learners found a job.”, Jean-Marc Hamon, Executive Chairman.

The IFOCOP Group is :

● 26 RNCP diplomas of level 4, 5 and 6

● 26 training courses eligible for the CPF

● 1 online training center

● Location in areas with high employment potential

● Active in 4 regions: Ile-de-France, Burgundy, Hauts de France and Occitanie

● 10 training centers, including 6 in Ile-de-France 

● 80 pedagogical leaders to help learners

● 150 employees

● 450 expert trainers