The TOEIC France YouTube channel has published the video “TOEIC® test and dematerialized score certificate”. The video introduces the brand-new format of the TOEIC® test score certificate: now dematerialized and produced with the digital credentials examples technology of BCdiploma.

BCdiploma is the leader in blockchain-based Digital Credentials solutions, i.e. the issuance of 100% digital and tamper-proof micro credentials examples.

The TOEIC® test certificate in digital form

It is accessible in one click with a unique personal, secure and forgery-proof link. The micro credentials can be consulted directly on the ETS Global website.

personal, secure and forgery-proof link

The TOEIC® Test blockchain certificate is recognised in over 60 countries

The TOEIC® test score certificate is recognized by more than 14,000 companies in over 60 countries. 

The information is identical to the paper version; indeed, the score and the skills issued remain the same.

Identical information to the paper version

An unforgeable certificate thanks to the blockchain

The certificate is included in the price of the TOEIC Listening and Reading test and is sent to the candidate at the end of the test.. Using BCdiploma’s patented blockchain authentication technology, it is impossible to forge.

This dematerialized certificate offers one-click access to your diploma while ensuring its security through blockchain technology. The certificate is bilingual: ideal for international recognition.

Accessible in 1 click,Tamper-proof data, international recognition

The blockchain certificate allows the verification of the score and the identity of the candidate 

The certificate verifies the candidate’s score and identity.

From the certificate, it is possible to download the diploma in PDF format, which then shows a QR code, and print it. This QR code guarantees the authenticity of the data: it is possible to consult them directly on the blockchain. Learn more about that on ESCP Business School Launched its Blockchain-based Digital Credentials Service.

Verification of the candidate's score and identity

A certificate designed to be shared

The certificate can be shared on social networks or simply by email, with great ease: a simple link to copy and paste!

Downloadable shareable and printable

For more information:

“BCdiploma enabled ETS Global to carry out an ambitious digital transformation project by replacing paper workflows with blockchain certification and 100% automated processes. A forward-thinking choice: blockchain is establishing itself internationally as the technology of the future for digital credentials with evidential value.”

Un choix visionnaire : à l’échelle internationale, la blockchain s’installe comme la technologie d’avenir pour les attestations numériques à valeur probante.”

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