As much as 53% of the world’s population is active on social media. This figure comes from a study conducted by We Are Social in 2021, assessing the impact of digital tools on our habits. Today, social media is therefore a major field of opportunities not only for companies but also for other organizations, such as higher education and training institutions.

Various strategies can be used to boost visibility on social media, including the use of technology such as digital credentials. In this article, let BCdiploma help you discover how.

The importance of social media for organizations and companies

An open door to new audiences

Social media offers organizations the opportunity to capture the attention of both new and existing audiences. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, interactions and connections are made extremely quickly, making these channels fertile ground for building and developing a network. Therefore, encouraging the sharing of digital credentials on social media helps you reach wider target audiences in contact with the holders of your digital credentials.

An open door to new audiences

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Social media is a powerful communication tool not only for individuals but also organizations. Its use allows people to get into closer contact with organizations not only in the context of marketing campaigns, but also in cases of their dissatisfaction with offered services. It is therefore a key element in crisis management practices, and its proximity to people makes it an excellent lever for boosting your brand and reputation among the wider public.

Inspire trust and authority

Interacting with the holders of your digital credentials on social media is an excellent way to boost your online presence and brand awareness with target audiences. Liking, commenting on and sharing the posts of your graduates reinforces the perception of the human character of your organization, and sharing the digital credentials of satisfied students testifies to the quality of your teaching and your authority as a legitimate player in the training and education sector.

Implementing your digital credentials sharing strategy

The secrets of an effective social media marketing strategy 

To build an effective strategy on social media with digital credentials, here are a few things to take into account:

  • Like, comment and share the posts of students who share their digital credentials online.
  • Frequently communicate the skills developed in your training program, and illustrate their achievement with digital credentials.
  • Exchange with profiles who show an interest, and answer questions to build confidence in your programs.

You will also need to keep in mind that regularity plays a leading role in your ability to establish and maintain your social media presence.

Integrating digital credentials into your strategy

To boost the visibility of your digital credentials, it is important to encourage your graduates to share them just as soon as they receive them. To do so, consider adding a “Call to Action” button to the digital credential link email sent to students, which allows, for example, one-click sharing to their LinkedIn profile. A step-by-step guide to the process can also work in your favor, as well as a detailed explanation of the value of digital credentials and the importance of sharing them.

Integrating digital credentials into your strategy

Optimize the sharing of your digital credentials with BCdiploma

Branded digital credentials for a boost to your visibility

While standard digital credentials can improve your visibility on social networks, branded digital credentials will have a much greater impact on your target audience. With BCdiploma, create your branded digital credentials, micro-credentials and open badges with your own logo, a detailed list of the skills acquired by the learner, and a design in the brand colors of your organization.

Simple and intuitive sharing of digital credentials

BCdiploma’ digital credentials can be quickly and easily shared on social media. Not only can you add Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sharing buttons, but also a download icon allowing students to add their digital credential to their email signature or digital CV.

To learn more about digital credentials and their importance in developing an engaging marketing strategy on social media, book a demo with one of BCdiploma’s experts and discover the successes our solution has had with the organizations that have placed their trust in us.