This partnership is extending the scope of possibilities for higher education organizations to issue verified digital credentials to their learners.

TORONTO and PARIS, September 22nd, 2021 − Modern Campus and BCdiploma are announcing a brand-new partnership that aims to connect BCdiploma’s digital credential platform with Modern Campus Destiny One, the leading student management system for non-traditional education.

Verified and secure digital credentials for non-traditional education

BCdiploma works with more than a hundred higher education institutions in 18 countries, and provides secure diplomas, certificates, badges and micro-credentials. These digital credentials can be personalized for more authenticity. Furthermore, BCdiploma’s digital credentials are interexploitable with open standards, ensuring backward compatibility of its digital credentials with future governance standards.

With this new collaboration, leading providers of non-traditional education from colleges and universities will be able to provide verified and secure digital certificates for their courses. These digital certificates are stored on blockchain, meaning they are forgery-proof and can be customized at will in terms of content and appearance.

“By collaborating with BCdiploma, Modern Campus Destiny One will allow its clients to flexibly provide verified digital certificates, a product that is increasingly in demand from today’s students and employers”, explains Peter DeVries, Modern Campus’ CEO and COO. “Being responsive to our clients’ needs is truly what has positioned Modern Campus as an innovative leader in such a rapidly evolving education world, and we’re absolutely delighted to collaborate with a company as forward-thinking as BCdiploma.”

What are digital credentials ?

What are digital credentials ?

Digital micro-credentials are playing an increasingly important role in modern higher education. According to research by Modern Campus in collaboration with the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), 92% of education institution leaders say micro credentials help keep their organization competitive, and 71% believe they will in fact help their institution achieve its financial and enrollment objectives.

Crucially, by storing digital certifications on the blockchain, BCdiploma ensures that students can access their certificates for life, and provides a relevant solution against the growing threat of diploma fraud. Indeed, according to a 2018 study, 68% of applicants’ resumes were found to be disingenuous, and 29% of them were related to deceit about earned certification.

“BCdiploma is looking forward to providing Modern Campus Destiny One’s clients with quick access to its range of services. We are sure they will make the most of our custom blockchain vouchers and digital badges that can be issued directly from their back office”, says Luc Jarry-Lacombe, BCdiploma’s co-founder and CEO. “In addition to unparalleled safety and durability, BCdiploma is an incredibly powerful lever for learning institutions’ branding efforts.”

About Modern Campus

Modern Campus empowers 1,200+ higher education clients to thrive when radical transformation is required in order to increase enrollment and revenue, while helping them fight against rising costs, crushing student debt and even school closures.

About Modern Campus

Powered by Omni CMS, DIGARC, Presence and Destiny One, Modern Campus’ modern learner engagement platform allows institutions to build a “learner to earner” lifecycle for their members, thus guaranteeing very long-term learner engagement.

With countless personalization options, AI-supported recommendations and a high-end e-commerce engine, Modern Campus creates a learner-first digital experience and effectively removes silos across the entire education environment. School management, marketing and IT teams, admissions, registrars, student affairs and CE divisions can collaborate more effectively to attract, enroll, empower, retain, and re-engage students and pave the way for genuine lifelong skills development.

Learn more by visiting the Modern Campus website: Modern Campus Partners with BCdiploma to Secure Learner Credentials via Blockchain Technology.

About BCdiploma

BCdiploma is a French software publisher specializing in blockchain technologies. Since 2017, this pure player has taken part in the building of an international digital credentials ecosystem.

The company has built a method that combines cryptography and blockchain technology, and now markets its B2B SaaS solution to help institutions issue the latest generation of blockchain diplomas. BCdiploma is an active promoter of blockchain data privacy, and its solution enables the authentication, protection and storage of digital credential data. Students, graduates and citizens thus benefit from lifelong authentic certificates that can be easily used and instantly verified.

Working with more than a hundred institutions in 18 countries, BCdiploma provides secure diplomas, academic and continuing education certificates, certified open badges of proficiency, notarial certificates and ISO certificates.

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