Quite simply, Efrei Paris is:

  • the 1st private engineering school in digital, computer science and mathematics – Le Figaro Étudiant de 2021;
  • The #1 ranked private IT engineering school in the Paris region for its close relationship with companies – L’Etudiant 2021;
  • the post-secondary engineering school with the best image among companies – Kantar TNS en 2018.

Starting with the class of 2019, Efrei Paris issues its University digital credentials in a new innovative, 100% digital and secure format, valid for life, designed to increase the employability of graduates.

Efrei Paris a fait le choix de la technologie blockchain, via la solution BCdiploma

For this, Efrei Paris has chosen blockchain technology, via the BCdiploma Micro Credentials Solution. Let’s review the three reasons for this choice with Frédéric MEUNIER, Director of Efrei Paris!

Reason #1: Paper credentials waste time and work with little added value

In the era of digital technology and increasingly dematerialized processes for greater user convenience, there is something anachronistic about paper credentials, signed by the president, principal and recipient. In addition, the necessary checks from employers or consular authorities, result in wasted time and work with little added value. Frédéric MEUNIER, Director Efrei Paris

Reason #2: Blockchain-secured digital credentials meet the contemporary uses of students, schools and recruiters

BCdiploma’s 100% digital, secure and verifiable credentials solution meets the needs of today’s users and all stakeholders. Frédéric MEUNIER, Director Efrei Paris

As a reminder, digital credentials issued on the blockchain are secure url links shared to graduates. They can post their digital credentials examples on their LinkedIn profile, their resume, share it by email and, if necessary, provide a PDF version. This link allows access, without requiring any handling, to the credentials and all its proofs of authenticity, proofs read in real-time on the blockchain. Fraud is not possible with this kind of micro credentials examples, and there is no need to contact the school to ensure the veracity of the information provided.

Reason #3: Dematerializing diplomas and credentials with the blockchain provides the best possible digital experience for alumni

For Efrei Paris, which currently has 3,500 students, the choice of blockchain was an obvious one, in line with the school’s strategy of going digital and providing the best possible student experience for its students and alumni. Frédéric MEUNIER, Director of Efrei Paris

Efrei Paris, a school of excellence since 1936

The Efrei Paris engineering school was created in 2017 from the merger of two schools: Efrei, founded in 1936, and Esigetel, founded in 1986. 

Located on a vast campus near Paris, the school has graduated over 9,000 engineers. The school’s alumni include some big names in the IT field:

  • Gilles Granier (graduated in 1972), former General Manager of Intel France and Europe;
  • Rani Assaf (graduated in 1997) and Antoine Levavasseur (graduated in 1999), who created the Freebox. Both are technical directors of Iliad.

Efrei Paris has successfully met the challenges of technological change and has become one of the leading schools for training general engineers in computer science and digital technologies.

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Modern Campus is partnering with BCdiploma to secure its learners’ digital credentials using blockchain technology