Following its 2021 graduation ceremony,IAE DIJON, the University School of Management of the University of Burgundy, awarded all its graduates a “blockchain diploma”, in partnership with BCdiploma. 

Let’s have a look at this event with some testimonials of people involved!

IAE DIJON is one of the oldest IAE of the network: it is over 70 years old. It is strongly oriented towards the business world and the international scene: all the master’s programs are work-study programs and each student has the possibility to spend a semester or a year abroad, within a network of 56 partner universities throughout the world. The IAE is a public institution whose programs are inclusive, and which welcomes many scholarship students. 

Samuel Mercier, Director of IAE Dijon, introduces the project of dematerialization of diplomas via blockchain:

“We wanted to offer an innovative solution to facilitate and secure the sharing of diplomas by our alumni community. This digital format will feed social networks, especially LinkedIn, by providing unforgeable proof of their success, accessible in one click.

This contributes greatly to the visibility and follow-up of our graduates.”

IAE DIJON is committed to providing innovative tools to its students

Florence Demougeot, in charge of communication and corporate relations at IAE Dijon for 7 years, was responsible for the deployment of the blockchain solution of dematerialization of diplomas, as a student wallet, within the IAE and reports :

“It seems obvious that we should move towards this type of solution. This operation is part of our digital strategy, offering a concrete service with high added value to our graduates.  

With the BCdiploma team, we prepared a presentation for the graduation ceremony to introduce this new format.

This innovation has been very well received!”

Online diploma

To view this diploma online, click here.

Graduate satisfaction

Florence Demougeot also stated that beyond the quick learning curve of the BCdiploma platform, the feedback from the students was very positive and that they spread the word, especially on social networks!

IAE graduate Lucas Coignet put his “blockchain diploma” on his LinkedIn profile, and reports:

“The quality of a school is assessed by its teaching and its capacity for innovation. IAE DIJON proves its skills in both. I was very surprised when I found out that our diplomas were going to be available on the blockchain. I immediately liked it, coming from the digital world, I knew how valuable this kind of solution could be.

And as proof, as soon as I received it, I used my digital diploma in an email sent to a partner. The process is simple and is explained in the email received a few days before. We gain efficiency and… it’s awesome!”

diplômé de l’IAE, ayant mis son “diplôme blockchain” sur son profil LinkedIn

Blockchain diplomas, a project initiated by the University of Burgundy

Why a digital degree?

The “blockchain diplomas” project was proposed to IAE Dijon by Alexandre Fournier, Vice President of the University of Burgundy, in charge of the digital campus, information systems and open sources. Alexandre Fournier explains:

“Indeed, the IAE has been offered to experiment the tool in order to deploy it because I knew that Samuel Mercier, Director of the IAE of the uB, supports the new digital tools in order to facilitate the daily life for the administrative teams and the students.

Of course, before this proposal, I set up an experiment with the head of the Digital Pedagogy department of the university, Bruno Lapetite, in order to prove the concept within my institution.

Bruno Lapetite and I have been working together for several years and each of the projects we have worked on has always been tested in one or more UFR (Training and Research Unit) prior to a possible transition to a particular tool.

For example, regarding BCdiploma, we experimented with a graduation ceremony for a University Diploma in Law.

The reasons why we wanted to go further than a simple experiment were the following:

  • excellent responsiveness of the BCdiploma teams,,
  • ease of use of the BCdiploma administration platform,
  • usefulness of the tool in meeting the needs of universities,
  • attractive cost offered by BCdiploma.

Your IAE diploma, 100% digital!