In a study conducted by the market research firm IFOP, in March 2022, with a sample of 1,501 people, 20% of respondents stated that using digital tools was a difficult skill to master. Indeed, faced with the hesitancy of people regarding the digitalization of technical and administrative activities, talking up the merits of digital credentials can be difficult, because the arguments of skeptics can be warranted to some degree..

So, if you want to convince a skeptic in the use of digital credentials, let BCdiploma help you discover the right arguments to build their trust and encourage them in the use of digital credentials.

Define exactly what digital credentials are and how they work

Définir correctement les digital credentials et leur fonctionnement

Simple words for a sometimes complex concept

The main reason for skepticism regarding digital credentials lies in difficulties of understanding their definition. Often used interchangeably with “digital proof”, the term digital credential actually denotes an administrative document, diploma or certificate presented in a digital format, and issued as a unique, secure, non-modifiable object.

By using simple words and illustrative examples, it will be easier for you to convince someone who is hesitant to make use of digital credentials.

Explain their uses

While poor definitions of digital credentials can lead to doubts, their application is also misunderstood by many skeptics. Contrary to what some may think, digital credentials do not, in any way, alter the value of the diplomas attained, but are, on the contrary, simple certificates transmitted through a unique link that fully guarantees their security and authenticity.

Present the benefits of digital credentials by focusing on needs

Rassurer sur la sécurité

Make reassurances about the security of digital credentials

The subject of security is often brought up by audiences who are skeptical about the use of digital credentials. To convince them of the advantages, it is important to reassure them by explaining the process of securing the digital credentials on the blockchain. This will allow you to argue that while a physical diploma can be counterfeited, lost, or damaged, digital credentials are inalterable, and the authenticity of their certificates can be easily verified.

Sharing, a significant benefit of using digital credentials

One of the main advantages of digital credentials to highlight when trying to convince skeptics is their ease of sharing. For universities, schools and training organizations, using digital credentials is a great way to boost their brand presence and attract new learners.

For students and graduates, digital credentials can be quickly and easily shared on social media and networks, including LinkedIn, and therefore immediately showcase the skills of their holder, something that is particularly appreciated by recruiters.

Emphasize the customizable aspect

The customizable nature of digital credentials brings real added value to diplomas, and is a convincing argument to encourage skeptics to switch to digital credentials. With BCdiploma, offering learners micro-credentials with the branding of the issuing institution is easy and intuitive.

A reassuring professional approach to digital credentials

BCdiploma : expert des titres de compétences numériques

The expertise of BCdiploma

People hesitant about the use of digital credentials often speak of a lack of confidence in the technology, reinforced by their questioning of the value of the diplomas. Therefore, calling on a digital credential expert such as BCdiploma is a great way to build trust and convince skeptics of the quality and security of professionally designed digital credentials and micro-certifications.

The assurance of our academic references

One of the best way to convince skeptics to use digital credentials is to present them with references, that is, recognized higher education institutions that have already adopted digital credentials, such as the University of Lille, the IAE Dijon University School of Management, Emlyon Business School, ESCP Business School, and other leading business schools that have integrated digital skills credentials into their certification processes with the help of BCdiploma.

Despite all these arguments, what if your skeptic is still unconvinced about the use of digital credentials? Well, urge them to book a demo with one of our digital credential experts, so that they can engage with a professional and build their confidence in the use of digital credentials!