Research and development on Digital Credentials

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Within EBSI and NGI eSSIF Lab or with institutions such as CEREMA, BCdiploma is working on the standards of tomorrow.

Cross chauin credentials
The emergence of a European ecosystem of automated exchange of "Verifiable Credentials", i.e. any official certificate, on the EBSI European Commission blockchain.
The use of online wallets based on digital identity, to share and sign official credentials (European Self Sovereign Identity framework - SSI/eSSIF and work of NGI eSSIF Lab).
Leveraging decentralized storage technologies for sharing, certifying and storing sensitive institutional data…
blockchain ebsi

Verifiable credentials on the EBSI European blockchain

BCdiploma is the technical operator of the French governmental project fr.EBSI, aiming at deploying a solution for sharing verifiable diplomas and credentials on the EBSI blockchain. The project is led by the University of Lille.

The project will automate the sharing of digital and tamper-proof certificates, signed with decentralized identifiers (DiD), in a "W3C Verifiable Credential" format recognized by all European universities and recruitment services.

eSSIF Self-Sovereign Identity Enterprise and Student Wallet

BCdiploma is funded by NGI eSSIF-Lab to develop an enterprise wallet and a student wallet that comply with W3C and eSSIF "Self-Sovereign Identity" standards.

These wallets will support the entire lifecycle of "Verifiable Credentials" in the EBSI trust environment: from their issuance by an institution upon a student's request to their sharing as "Verifiable Presentation".
Attestations Vérifiables sur la blockchain EBSI

Verifiable Credentials online validation service

BCdiploma offers to the EBSI and eSSIF communities the first Verifiable Credentials validator: it allows to analyze the validity of a credential issued according to the W3C VC standards in line with eSSIF/EBSI standards.

This service is the result of BCdiploma's developments and contributions to's Open Source SSI Kit solution, and is constantly evolving: you can also contribute to enhancing the SSI Kit!
blockchain health record bride

The blockchain health record of bridges

Blockchain Certified Data, the publisher of BCdiploma, is conducting the "Blockchain Health Record of Bridges" pilot project on behalf of CEREMA: a decentralized and secure storage platform for data from the census of engineering works in the towns of the “National Bridges Program” (France).

This decentralized pilot project handles the life cycle of the data, from input to update by the towns. It allows the conditioned, certified and traced sharing of the Health Records.