Verification of Blockchain Digital Credentials

BCdiploma Digital Credentials can be accessed on the official web domain declared by the issuing institution or on You are then viewing data read in real-time from the blockchain. For automated verification, you can enter the link of the certificate to be authenticated below.

Verify a Blockchain Digital Credential

  • You are looking at a blockchain certificate issued by an Institution (school, university, company, administration) using the patented BCdiploma technology. This certificate consists of:
    Issued by Leaston Université Assigned to Aline Gillot Certificate is valid Blockchain Certified Data Issuer verified by on 2022-11-02 Data registered on the blockchain

    Bachelor Aline Gillot Date of birth: 2000-06-13 Place of birth: Paris Has satisfactorily completed all degree requirements from 2018 to 2020. He has been awarded the following academic degree(s): Bachelor of Economics and Finance by decision of the Board of Examiners on 2020-06-01 Professor Professor Leilani Ryan Dean of International Relations Professor Professor Curran Richards Dean of Academic affairs 2020-06-01using template "Certificat - 1/0x01"

    View on blockchain Blockchain address 0x7332ea1229c11c627c10eb24c1a6f77bced1d5c1 Blockchain address 0x72Cf647508Da9bF398C50F817E16Edd397AF3177 View on View on View on 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    When you access the certificate from the official consultation domain of the issuer, you are guaranteed real-time access to tamper-proof data, read in real time on a blockchain.


    Reads the legal information of the certificate issuer and the official consultation domain(s) (host) directly from the blockchain using an open-source blockchain explorer.


    Optional: when the issuer has declared on the blockchain a link to an information page on its domain, it is accessible here.


    Displays the certificate issuer's information on the BCdiploma solution's user directory.


    Reads from the blockchain the information of the validating organisation that opened the issuer's address.


    Displays the validator's information on a dedicated page of the website. Other ecosystem validators are also displayed.


    Displays the transaction on which the certificate data has been written by the issuer in an open source blockchain explorer. The following can be checked: the blockchain used, the transaction status, the time stamp and the issuer address.

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