If you are in the process of choosing a digital credentialing solution, then this article is for you! Micro-credentials, Badges, Digital Credentials: there are many formats and each platform guarantees the best level of personalization. But what is the real deal and how can you optimize the student experience while maximizing the marketing impact and exposure of your institution?

BCdiploma is proud to present its concept of “white-label customization”. Your diplomas, certificates and academic documents are unique, so we have created a way to design a digital version that totally matches your image.

Labels and data for your certificates and diplomas: no limitations and multilingual

BCdiploma is highly customizable – no limitations on the wording, variable data and language of your digital certificate! With over 15 years of Edtech experience, we have the perfect solutions for managing your conditional displays, legal notices, lists of signatories depending on the training program, etc.

If you are technically savvy: you will create the data model of your certificate and you will be able to use it immediately for your data imports and via API.  This ensures a smooth integration with your existing tools.

Display of your certificates and diplomas: a full web page that reflects your image

BCdiploma is highly adaptable: with the help of our web designers, you can use the full power of a multi-device web page, but also optimize the mobile display used by most of your students. Adding logos, redirection links, animations or videos, custom design, everything will be implemented to put your institution’s image in the foreground, not BCdiploma’s. More than a diploma or a certificate, these are marketing tools to assert your brand on social networks, where your graduates will share their certificates!

Display of your certificates and diplomas: a full web page that reflects your image

What does “white label” mean for BCdiploma credentials?

First of all, this means that you can choose to link your digital credentials to your own domain, such as https://certificate.yourcompany.edu/…, and thus make them available in your institutional environment and not on the bcdiploma.com domain.

But it goes much further! The security and authenticity of your credentials are ensured by BCdiploma’s decentralized technology, which ensures that the data viewed comes from the issuing institution. No need to promote BCdiploma to create trust: your credentials are designed to convey your identity, your project and the pride of your students! This is a major difference from credentialing platforms based on centralized technologies.