While one in four recruiters demands to see the original degrees, academic document fraud is on a disturbing rise, bringing with it a twofold risk: to the institutional brand of higher education establishments and to recruitment errors.

According to a study by the Florian Mantione Institut, 75% of resumes turn out to be misleading, and 90% of applicants see it as normal to embellish their resumes to stand out in a competitive job market. And these resume embellishments often involve degrees: a survey by Checkster, a company specializing in reference checks, reveals that 39% of applicants claim a degree from a prestigious university they never attended.

Beyond the risk to the institutional brand, this widespread diploma fraud significantly impacts businesses. On average, according to Collock, the cost of a failed recruitment ranges between $30,000 and $150,000, highlighting the crucial importance of being able to authenticate candidates’ skills and degrees.

Securing your degrees and institutional brand with secure and verifiable digital certificates & credentials

Protéger vos diplômes et votre marque institutionnelle avec des certificats et attestations numériques, sécurisés et vérifiables

In this context, digital and verifiable credentials and diplomas emerge as an essential solution, offering institutions a secure and tamper-proof way to certify the authenticity of their graduates’ qualifications. These modern technologies, relying on immutable ledgers such as blockchain, ensure instant and reliable verification of degrees, thus reducing the risk of fraud.

Why Use Digital Certificates & Credentials to Issue Verifiable Diplomas?

Pourquoi utiliser des certificats ou attestations numériques pour émettre des diplômes vérifiables ?

Digital certificates and diplomas represent a significant advance in the fight against fake diplomas. They allow educational institutions to secure the issuance of credentials and ensure their authenticity over time through a digital attestation accessible via a unique and shareable URL link.

This digital diploma can include all the details of the certification, information about the learner and the issuing institution, all presented in the format of your choice (customizable and 100% white label).

The digital format allows for a more complete presentation of the learner’s skills, encompassing, for example, details of demonstrable skills, applied knowledge, courses taken, professional experiences, transcripts, skill tags, exam results, and/or thesis grades. Thus, one could speak of an enriched credential, a diploma supplement, or a learning pathway: the digital attestation opens new perspectives for valuing the curriculum and making learning more readable to recruiters and companies.

This digital certificate, secure, verifiable, and shareable, can complement or entirely replace the paper diploma. Say goodbye to the time spent responding to recruiters and diploma verification operators (which can represent up to 50 hours a year for medium-sized institutions).

How Do Digital Certificates, Digital Credentials and Digital Diplomas Prevent Fraud?

Comment les certificats et diplômes numériques préviennent-ils la fraude ?

BCdiploma stands out in the market by offering a cutting-edge solution for digital attestations in terms of security, sovereignty, and verifiability.

A Unique Solution for Your Data Security

All BCdiploma services and applications are hosted within SOC 2 data centers and audited by a company certified by the ANSSI. But it is in the storage of credential data that BCdiploma distinguishes itself from other players: this data is encrypted and stored on a blockchain, ensuring its immutability with no time limit. Thanks to this blockchain storage, your data cannot be modified, altered, or lost. Moreover, upon consultation, the full set of proof, from the issuer’s identity to the credential’s validity, is available. Specifically, the identities of issuing institutions are verifiable directly on the blockchain, in a publicly accessible directory.

Verifiable Credentials in One Click, Without Dependence

Because BCdiploma’s patented technology allows for real-time data reading on the blockchain, the verification of digital attestations is immediate and can be automated from the institutions’ websites. It’s easy to identify any attempt to copy one of your attestations.

This technology allows you to highlight your institution and brand: unlike its competitors, BCdiploma does not require the use of a platform to consult and verify credentials. They are displayed and verifiable in your own ecosystem! Learn more…

Blockchain Storage, a Guarantee of Sovereignty and Independence

With your credentials stored in a third party, independent, secure, and permanent environment, BCdiploma offers guaranteed access to credentials with no time limit, with complete reversibility. This is a proposition no other market player offering a traditional credentialing platform can make.

Beyond Fraud Prevention: The Additional Benefits of Digital Certificates & Credentials

Au-delà de la prévention de la fraude : les avantages supplémentaires des certificats, diplômes et attestations numériques

The benefits of digital certificates extend far beyond the fight against fraud. They facilitate better visibility of graduates’ skills and achievements, promote employability by making qualifications easily shareable on social media and professional platforms. They significantly reduce the costs and delays associated with issuing traditional diplomas (up to 90% for BCdiploma, as proven by our use case with one of the most prestigious American Universities).

In conclusion, facing the challenges posed by the proliferation of fake diplomas, digital certificates offer a robust solution, securing the integrity of academic achievements and strengthening the reputation of issuing institutions.

BCdiploma positions itself as a leader in this field, providing a reliable and innovative platform for issuing digital diplomas, badges and credentials, thus allowing educational institutions to protect their brands while delivering an innovative service with high added value in terms of employability.

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