Maritime navigation faces considerable administrative and regulatory challenges for mariners and professionals in the field. In this context, the “IHITAI” project (meaning “Mariner” in Tahitian), led by the Government of French Polynesia and implemented by the Polynesian Directorate of Maritime Affairs (DPAM), was established. It represents a significant innovation that modernizes the career management of mariners in French Polynesia, benefiting from the technological support of BCdiploma.


Before the launch of IHITAI, career management for mariners in French Polynesia was primarily based on paper forms, leading to a heavy administrative burden. This excessive dependence on paper processes made management slow and error-prone. Additionally, it was crucial to identify and regulate maritime skills to ensure the secure issuance of professional titles. Ensuring the tracking of work time at sea and guaranteeing the safety of mariners was also a major challenge. Finally, more efficient access to career information, including diplomas and qualifications, was necessary for mariners.

BCdiploma’s Integration into the IHITAI Project

BCdiploma's Integration into the IHITAI Project

The implementation of the IHITAI project provides an innovative response to these challenges. BCdiploma allows DPAM to manage mariners’ careers in a digitized, fast, and efficient manner, ending the reliance on paper forms. Mariners can now easily retrieve their titles online, with authenticity and security guaranteed by BCdiploma’s blockchain technology.

The collaboration with BCdiploma enables DPAM to enhance its credibility and ensure the validity of the issued professional titles. The IHITAI platform also allows mariners to access their entire career, including the renewal deadlines of their titles. Initially intended for 80 captains, IHITAI now serves all 5,000 professional mariners in French Polynesia.

Positive Impacts of IHITAI and BCdiploma

The implementation of the IHITAI project, with the technological support of BCdiploma, leads to a multitude of advancements for all users of the service. For example, the processing of a file, which previously took several days, is now reduced to a few minutes, thus improving administrative efficiency. This digitized processing also brings a more environmentally friendly approach. BCdiploma’s blockchain technology enhances the security of information, making the issued titles tamper-proof and accessible indefinitely. Thanks to the availability of the teleservice on smartphones, mariners can access their information wherever they are.

The launch of IHITAI in August 2023, in collaboration with BCdiploma, represents a major advancement for the career management of mariners in French Polynesia and a successful first use of blockchain technology in French Polynesia. DPAM was also awarded the digital innovation prize at the French Polynesia Public Innovation Week last October.

The platform offers innovative technological solutions to make information processing more efficient, secure, and accessible. Early feedback demonstrates positive, tangible, and concrete impacts for users.

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