ENSCI – Les Ateliers, a prestigious school specializing in industrial design and creation, recently turned to the BCdiploma solution for the digital certification of its diplomas. In an exclusive interview with Geneviève Sengissen, Director of Lifelong Learning at ENSCI – Les Ateliers, we gained insights into the school’s motivations, the challenges faced during the solution’s deployment, and the reactions of students.

ENSCI – Les Ateliers is renowned for its multidisciplinary approach to design education, offering programs ranging from undergraduate (bac+5) to postgraduate (bac+8) levels.

In 2022, the school’s administrative department decided to enhance the service provided to students by modernizing the diploma issuance process. Their primary objectives were to:

  • Produce secure and time-protected documents.
  • Offer diplomas in both French and English to enhance visibility for international positions.
  • Clarify the titles of the program tracks displayed on the diplomas.

After thorough research, ENSCI chose BCdiploma as the solution for producing certified digital documents. BCdiploma was selected because of its integration of blockchain technology, considered relevant and sustainable, as well as its successful collaborations with other academic partners. Additionally, BCdiploma’s interface met ENSCI’s specific design and accessibility needs. The collaboration with BCdiploma also received financial support from France Relance’s ITN6 initiative (Using Emerging Technologies to Improve Public Services), enabling a rapid project implementation.

The implementation of BCdiploma at ENSCI took the form of a collaborative project. ENSCI adopted an approach where the digital diploma was considered an autonomous entity separate from the paper diploma. Legally, it serves as a Diploma Attestation, a document the school must provide to its graduates within weeks of obtaining a degree. This perspective allowed for the creation of a coherent (and innovative) graphic identity for all certifications, thereby establishing a clear and well-documented system.

BCdiploma provides an innovative solution for institutions and students in terms of certification. Through “blockchain digital credentials,” it allows the school to create a secure URL link that grants access to an unforgeable and instantly verifiable attestation. This attestation, once delivered via email, can be freely shared by students on social networks and their LinkedIn profiles, as well as with recruiters. It offers a fast and innovative way for students to present their academic achievements. For employers, verifying the authenticity of the certificate becomes immediate: a simple click suffices, without requiring specific technical skills or third-party verification.

The link of your certificate is then displayed in the navigation bar: it is this link that you will be able to share to give access to your certificate with a simple click. In the “Share” tab, you can copy and paste it directly.

Save this link carefully: it is usable without time limit! You can share it with a simple click: to do so, click on the “Share” button of your certificate.

Add your certificate on your LinkedIn profile, click on “Add to my LinkedIn profile”.

Add your certificate on your LinkedIn profile, click on “Add to my LinkedIn profile”.

The student reactions at ENSCI regarding digital certification with BCdiploma have been positive. They were surprised and pleased with the portability of documents, the ability to access authentic certification at any time, and the ease of use. Students also appreciated that digital certification does not replace the traditional parchment they hold dear but offers practical advantages and international recognition.

The next steps of the project will involve issuing certificates for previous graduating classes, organizing archives, and creating a verification page on the school’s website for agencies and recruiters.

This digital certification project brings significant changes for ENSCI students. It standardizes diplomas issued over time, making them more recognizable and valuable both nationally and internationally. Additionally, alumni will benefit from a modern certification suitable for social networks, regardless of their graduation year. Thus, the school’s brand image and its programs are strengthened, while graduates significantly increase their employability and mobility.

ENSCI – Les Ateliers is committed to aligning its initiatives with the Competence Passport approach, established by Caisse des Dépôts. This collaboration with BCdiploma further solidifies ENSCI’s position as an innovative and internationally-oriented institution.