Your diplomas and certificates are central to your relationship with learners, yet they present significant challenges:

  • They contain sensitive and confidential information,
  • They must remain accessible and usable throughout your learners’ lives.

In this context, the choice of your digital certification solution must meet these two fundamental requirements. This is precisely where BCdiploma, with its internationally patented technology, makes a difference.

Unlike centralized platforms that control your data and induce client dependency, BCdiploma innovates by ensuring you have complete mastery and sovereignty over your data, information, and certificates.

Let’s delve into how this unique method ensures enduring sovereignty of your data!

How do BCdiploma’s Competitors Operate?

Centralized platforms

Centralized platforms such as Credly, Accredible, and Sertifier adopt a centralized model for managing certification data. In this model, your information is stored on the platform’s servers, making all interactions, such as consultation, sharing, and analysis of credentials, dependent on this central infrastructure.

This architecture has direct consequences in terms of data dependency and control:

  • It creates a strong dependency on the centralized platform. Migrating to a new solution would be very costly and result in the loss of all historical certificates generated.
  • Entrusting potentially sensitive data to a centralized platform raises concerns about privacy and data security. Consider, for instance, the use of analytics for tracking consultations and sharing.

How Does BCdiploma Create Conditions for True Sovereignty?

How Does BCdiploma Create Conditions for True Sovereignty?

Data Storage and Access

BCdiploma does not need to store your data on its own servers for credentials to function: they are stored on a blockchain. This patented technology allows for a new paradigm: long-term preservation is guaranteed, and access to data does not require the use of a centralized service platform. The conditions for total white-label use are met… not to mention unparalleled security.

Analytics in Your Hands

With BCdiploma, you are the only ones able to collect analytics data on your credentials and their use. BCdiploma cannot access it, for the simple reason that you connect your own analytics tools to your credentials.

Absence of Lock-in Effect

As you’ve understood, the storage guarantees data persistence. Its access is also contractually guaranteed to be unlimited over time, regardless of your subsequent use of BCdiploma.

Why Do BCdiploma’s Competitors Talk About Blockchain?

Many of BCdiploma’s competing platforms “ride” the blockchain wave by adding a basic blockchain functionality, timestamping, to their centralized platform to enhance their security and provide proof of authenticity. Do not be misled, their operation remains locked down: if your data is no longer on the platform, there’s nothing left to authenticate and secure.

Thanks to its pioneering and patented work concerning data sovereignty, BCdiploma is today the only credentialing platform offering its clients the benefits of blockchain infrastructure: permanence, sovereignty, and of course, maximum security. All within a turnkey application usable without any technical knowledge.

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