Montpellier Business School (MBS) makes the delivery of diplomas paperless thanks to the blockchain credentials, which work kind of like a digital open badge. A good example of the use case of « digital credentials ».

Montpellier Business School (MBS) now provides a digital, certified and secure diploma to all its graduates.  « Following the graduation ceremony, the graduates receive a unique link, valid for life, and are then able to prove the authenticity of their diploma digitally, with no need to request it », explains Oscar Castellana, Head of MBS’s Academic Administration Department.

Why choose a blockchain credentials solution for diplomas and academic certificates?

“The graduation process is subject to strict regulations, often becoming very time-consuming for a graduate who needs it during a recruitment process. The lockdown has highlighted the need for (…) this dematerialization project to facilitate the use of diplomas by students and recruiters” explains Oscar Castellana.

This new format of 100% digital academic documents, called « digital credentials », allows access to the blockchain-based academic micro credentials with just one click from any device, which is the main benefit of digital credentials. Decentralized technologies provide a unique level of security: the data viewed is read in real-time on a blockchain, with all its proofs of authenticity… impossible to modify or forge!

What are the advantages of a blockchain education credentials software?

There are many advantages, both for graduates, recruiters and for the school.

Advantages of a blockchain credentialing solution for the graduate. Their “blockchain digital credentials” can be used directly on all professional social networks. For example, it can be integrated into your LinkedIn profile and downloaded as a PDF if necessary. Tamper-proof and multilingual, it’s a precious asset for recruitments, in France and abroad! 

Advantages of a blockchain certificate verification for the recruiter. No need to perform background checks, having both French and English versions available… immediate time-saving.

Advantages of a blockchain in education credentials platform for the business school. Three aspects are often involved in the choice of a blockchain platform for certification and dematerialization of diplomas.

  • Improve the student experience by providing an innovative digital service enhancing employability: an asset for the attractiveness of the school.
  • Improve its brand image with its network of partners, recruiters and alumni. As we know, the attractiveness of a school depends on its network!
  • Achieve immediate and long-term gains in all administrative processes related to graduation, production and mailing of academic documents, issuance of duplicates.
Sample of an academic certificate produced with a blockchain digital credentials technology

How does a blockchain digital credential project reinforce the school’s digital strategy?

Choosing a platform of blockchain dematerialization of credentials is an opportunity to strengthen the strategic digital vision of a higher education institution.

The aim is to align the expectations of different jobs within the school around a project with high added value:

  • Registrar’s Office, for which the automation of the issuance of academic certificates is an immediate and long-term gain (when requesting duplicates for example);
  • The administrative department, responsible for printing or sending diplomas, letters or duplicates;
  • The quality department – student department, which seeks to improve the digital working environment for all stakeholders;
  • The IT department, for which the archiving and storage of proofs is greatly facilitated;
  • The marketing and digital communication department, which takes over the visual of these new online certificates, totally responsive and mobile-first, for external communication purposes on professional social networks;
  • The alumni association, happy to promote its community and, if necessary, to offer alumni to find their blockchain certificate on the alumni platform.

Montpellier Business School has chosen BCdiploma‘s blockchain credentialing platform

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