IAE Nantes issues its first bilingual Digital Credentials on the blockchain

Since 2017, IAE Nantes – Economics and Management (University of Nantes) provides graduates with their digital diploma certificate, secured via BCdiploma’s Digital Credentials solution, using blockchain for authentification. 

Nicolas Antheaume, the project initiator, told us more in the last article of the IAE Nantes alumni platform:

“In 2017, we were the first public institution to offer its graduates unforgeable, shareable proof that they authentically graduated from the University of Nantes School of Economics & Management. 

For the fourth consecutive year, we are pleased to offer this certification to our graduates with a few innovations this year. Several courses at IAE Nantes benefit for the first time from a bilingual certification, French and English. 

Thus, the 2020 graduates of the Master in Innovation Management in France and Vietnam, the Master in Business Management and Administration, China-Asia program, and the Master in Money Banking Finance Insurance, Shipping trading program will now have their diplomas recognized internationally by the employers, at a time when diploma fraud is a widespread phenomenon. 

In the future, we plan to expand this new bilingual service to all of our future graduates.”

A Blockchain Credentials project conducted with IAE Nantes Alumni

The IAE Nantes alumni platform is fully involved in this project of micro credential since the beginning and with the valuable support of Céline Mesnage. In partnership with its publisher, Alumnforce, digital diploma certificates are made available to graduates in their personal area. Here is how IAE Nantes Alumni reaches out to its new graduates:

IAEnantesAlumni] Have you accessed your diploma certificate online from your alumni profile: www.iaenantes-alumni.fr? With your credential link you will be able to prove that you have graduated from IAE Nantes:

👀 When searching for a job
💼 With a recruiter, institution, school
🌍 For your professional experiences abroad
💻 Directly on your Linkedin profile

and many more uses! Your experience starts now!

As a reminder, your certificate is free, available for life, secure and unforgeable with BCdiploma’s  #blockchain technology  | Blockchain Credentials Solutions so get started now with this super convenient tool!

IAE Nantes alumni platform screen shot

Blockchain Credentials: graduates’ feedback

The feedback from the graduates shows the success of the blockchain certificate, strengthened by the fact that for the second year in a row the graduation ceremony had to be canceled.

“I uploaded my blockchain credential easily and securely using the blockchain certification key.
Honestly, I found this option very useful, especially in the current context. I was able to access my diploma quickly and send it to companies. In addition, having a QR code to verify the accuracy of the diploma is a great way to reassure our future recruiters. Very good idea!”

Graduate of the Master 2 Marketing Studies and Actions
Class of 2019

“I found the blockchain credential tool very easy to use. It was helpful for me to quickly obtain a certificate of study that I did not have while currently living overseas.
The document obtained was enough to certify to my employer that I had graduated from the IAE. As for the alumni platform, I haven’t yet discovered the full range of possibilities it offers but it’s great for creating an active community among alumni!”

Graduate of the Master 2 Accounting Control Audit
Class of 2018

The IAE Nantes & BCdiploma partnership in figures

  • 4 certified classes
  • 4487 blockchain credentials issued
  • 2 versions: monolingual/bilingual French – English

The benefits of the blockchain credentials

  • Fast: no need to wait for your paper diploma!
  • Secure: encrypted and secured on the blockchain, it is tamper-proof and verifiable without the need for a third party
  • Efficient: employers and schools are hunting for fake degrees or exaggerated skills… no more doubt with the blockchain credential!
  • Practical: it comes as a unique secure link, can be shared on social networks, integrated as a badge into a LinkedIn profile, sent by email, and printed as a PDF. In short, it will always be available for a job interview or an administrative procedure.