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The "TOEIC® DIGITAL SCORE Report" is now 100% digital and secure using blockchain technology.

If you landed on this page after visiting a "TOEIC® Digital Score Report" page on the etsglobal.org, you got the point: the official version of this certificate is digital and cannot be falsified.

Verify a TOEIC® Digital Score Report

If you require a second level of verification, please enter the link to the Score Report below:


"BCdiploma enabled ETS Global to carry out a major digital transformation project by replacing paper flows with blockchain certification and 100% automated processes. This is a forward-thinking choice: on an international scale, blockchain is becoming the technology of the future for digital certificates with probative value."
Luc Jarry-Lacombe, co-founder & CEO @BCdiploma

Diagram describing how ETS Global's TOEIC® DIGITAL SCORE Report is digitized through BCdiploma