BCDiploma aims to create the standard for on-chain registers of tomorrow:
cost effective, easy-to-implement, Ethereum-based and open source framework.

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The standard register for all personal and administrative data

We build a DApp that will enable corporations and administrations to store smart-contract-validated data on Ethereum. All organizations will be able to issue "one click certified" data. All individuals will be able to share certified personal data.

An Ethereum application usable by everyone, free of charge for everyone

BCDiploma creates a new way to access smart-contract-certified data. With a simple URL, everyone can share or consult the data without having an Ethereum address: this is a "general public" service, free of charge for everyone. We will all be in a position to demonstrate we graduated, we have professional certification, we have a certificate of insurance, an ownership title…

A solution that invents the "right to be forgotten" on Ethereum

Considering they respect personal data legislation and the "right to be forgotten", as they are reliable and sustainable, on-chain registers have a huge potential: certifications, regulated occupations, company and administrative documentation. Application fields are limitless.


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