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Universities face increasing diploma forgery and falsification worldwide. Global standards have yet to be implemented. Therefore, all stakeholders from the world of education are willing to offer their graduates an innovative digital tool in order to defend their image.

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We want BCDiploma to become the global standard of degree certification. Our solution is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement and tamper-proof turnkey service. BCDiploma aims to be the standard on LinkedIn and all major job boards for degree certification.

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Ethereum as a service

BCDiploma revolutionizes the access to certified diplomas. With our service, a single clic grants direct access to ethereum-based, smart-contract-validated data. BCDiploma develops a specific DApp for schools, enabling them to issue their degrees on Ethereum..

Bcdiploma School

Smart contract certified identity

A validator guarantees the school’s identity
and its Ethereum address

Bcdiploma School

On chain publication

The school puts the diploma's data on Ethereum
thanks to BCDiploma DApp and smart contracts

Bcdiploma crypto algo

Encrypted data

The cryptographic protocol generates three keys
that guarantee data security and the "right to be forgotten"

Bcdiploma multi device

One-click certified data

BCDiploma DApp generates the diploma's url
which allows access to certified data in a single click

Bcdiploma social network

Social networks

On all job boards and social networks,
graduates share their certified diplomas


Graduates are provided with a link that directly leads to their degree. They share this link as they wish, lifelong.


While reading through a degree, a single clic will enable to check the identity of the issuing university.


Our encryption algorithm and security protocols, together with data storage on Ethereum, confer to BCDiploma's DApp an unparalleled security level.


BCDiploma has been designed to abide by all regulations dealing with personal data and the right to oblivion.

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