BCDiploma concept

The service is free for the graduate and for those who consult the diploma. It does not require transaction or Ethereum address. It gives access, through a simple url, to the data certified by smart contract, without any limit in time.
The value of a diploma does not lie in the document itself, but in the authenticity of the data contained in it. BCDiploma simultaneously certifies the identity of the data transmitter and the inalterability of the data.
BCDiploma offers schools a "Turnkey" access to Ethereum:

Simple to deploy, secure, no recurring costs
Economy of scale generator
Respecting personal data legislation

BCDiploma's DApps are open sources and diploma data is stored on Ethereum: schools are guaranteed to be able to retain access to data and the use of DApps with no time limit.
On the Diploma Consultation web page, you can check all at once that:

The school identity certificate is valid (it is also accessible via etherscan and on the official website of the validator)
The Ethereum address used to issue the diploma is published on the corporate website of the school and verified by a "validator"
The server hosting the page is indeed the one described by the identity certificate

Ethereum "validator" actors will be in charge of verifying that there is a proper match between the Ethereum address of the school and the school itself, without usurping its identity.
At the request of the graduate, the school will "burn" persistence key of the diploma, making its decoding impossible, even knowing the other two keys.
BCDiploma has designed a three-key algorithm: the graduate's key, persistence's key of the diploma and the permanent key of the school. These three keys must be gathered to generate by derivation the key that allows the reading of the diploma, encrypted by AES 256 GCM.
No, the 3 keys are required to decrypt the data. The operator has a maximum of 2 keys (persistence and permanent).
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FAQ Token

100 000 000 will be sold
The softcap is the amount necessary to make BCDiploma the standard of diplomas certification, thanks to an efficient technical team. The "hard cap" ($6M) corresponds to the objective of BCDiploma to become the world leader in the certification of diplomas in 36 months, an objective requiring an infrastructure of scale and a marketing and commercial effort worthy of the stake.
Address will be available on BCDiploma.com a few hours before ITS start.
BCDT is an ERC20 token, and can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets.You can use a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet and MyEtherWallet.com, for example.
Token will be available immediately in your wallet.
BCDT Tokens will be tradeable 12 days after ITS ends.
No, we do not plan to have a follow-on BCDT sale.
The utility tokens are intended for use on the BCDiploma platform, a new Blockchain-based data certification platform. Ownership of the tokens carry no rights other than the right to use them as a means to obtain services on the BCDiploma platform, and to enable usage of and interaction with the platform, if successfully completed and deployed. The tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the BCDiploma platform, and/or EvidenZ and its affiliates. The tokens are not refundable and are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.
Domain administration is not handled in-house, and has no relevance to project operations.
BCDT Token is an applicative token. Indeed, BCDTs are necessary to recharge the number of diplomas to be issued. Without BCDT Tokens, BCD ecosystem couldn't work.
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